Capital Interchange Way development one of several which will impact Chiswick

The decision to go ahead with a major housing development on Capital Interchange Way by Chiswick roundabout, on the Brentford side of the A205 and south of the A4 / M4, is the first of many which will have an impact on Chiswick, says Cllr Joanna Biddolph, leader of Chiswick’s Conservative councillors.

“During this time of national emergency the Conservative and Labour groups on Hounslow Council have agreed to set aside partisan differences and work together to support our residents” she says.

“In that spirit I don’t want to criticise this decision today… However, I am disappointed that we haven’t had another opportunity to raise the concerns we know local residents throughout Chiswick have about the impact of this large development on our already over-stretched infrastructure. There are several other big developments to come, all of which will impact on Chiswick, and we would like them to be considered together, not approved one-by-one”.

Images above: CGI of  how the development will look at night; site of the development as seen from the road

The Capital Interchange Way site is being developed by Redrow and Catalyst by Design. The plans, which include 420 flats as well as new commercial and retail space, were originally submitted in 2018. Hounslow Council required certain changes to be made but have now signed off on the development, which will create 116 one bedroom units, 272 two bedroom units and 32 three bedroom units as well as around 30,000 sq ft of commercial space and 10,000 sq ft of retail space.

Conditional planning approval for the development was given last September. It was granted on condition that the developer funded important community projects under what is known as benefits Section 106 payments and that agreement has now been reached. ‘Section 106’ benefits include a certain amount of ‘affordable housing’, off-site highway improvements, including some to Gunnersbury Station, and a Carbon Offset Fund payment of £474,783.

There should have been an Planning Committee meeting on 2 April, but this was cancelled because of the Coronavirus emergency.


Images above: Idea of the height and bulk of the new buildings as seen from the road and from the River Thames

Cllr Biddolph said:

“Although, and quite rightly in the circumstances, the planning committee meeting on 2 April was cancelled we must not let these big developments slip through without proper and detailed analysis of how they will affect Chiswick.

“Once normal life resumes – which we will hope will be before too long – we do need to have a big public debate about the cumulative impact on Chiswick of all the proposed developments.  In particular, we need to look again at how we can make the neighbouring boroughs work together more effectively where large developments are at, or close to, the borough boundaries.”