Traffic collision on A316 causes gridlock

Image: Traffic accident on A316, 9 September 2020; Photograph – Tim Mack

There has been a traffic accident on the A316 involving a motorbike and several cars. Emergency services arrived quickly, dispersing onlookers at the scene. At time of writing (10.40, Wednesday 9 September) traffic was still at a stand still and police said that was not expected to change for several hours.

Tim Mack, an eyewitness at the scene, who was out walking his dog, told The Chiswick Calendar that police had told him there had been injuries but nobody had died.

“I was just looking concerned, and the police officer volunteered that it was not a fatality, which is obviously a huge relief” said Tim.

Images above: traffic jams in Grove Park, caused by the accident on the A316; Photographs Tim Mack

Several hours until roads can re-open

Tim said that the grid-locked traffic is “unbelievable”.

“I was walking down Staveley Road and noticed we were getting much more traffic than usual including articulated lorries. Traffic is closed from the A316, from Hogarth roundabout, closed at Staveley Road, and then it’s also closed when you come over Chiswick Bridge from Richmond at the junction from Hartington Road”.

“So the only option there is for people to turn left into Grove Park, so it’s complete gridlock and tempers are getting frayed”.

According to Tim, police at the scene said that the roads will continue to be closed for “some hours”.

“Anyone who’s thinking of going anywhere by car, by Grove Park, might need to either reconsider, set off very early or if it’s a local trip it would be quicker to walk or cycle I think!”.

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