Car crashes into Acton fish and chip shop

Shams Fish bar, Churchfield Rd, Acton

Two people injured

A car smashed into the front of a fish and chip shop on Wednesday (12 July) on Churchfield Road in Acton. Shams Fish Bar suffered extensive damage and the shop remains closed.

Two people were injured. A 16 year old girl and middle aged man were both hospitalised, having suffered multiple injuries including broken bones and head injuries. They both lost consciousness at the scene and their families and friends are now appealing for any witnesses, to help them find out the insurance details of the driver.

They would like the person who called the police and ambulance to get in touch, and anyone who may have taken pictures or video. The Chiswick Calendar is happy to pass on contact information to them. You can email us at

The teenager is a pupil at Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, who was on her way home from a visit to Oxford University. Her mother Aneliya Apostolidi told The Chiswick Calendar her daughter had been traumatised by the accident and she was worried about how it might affect her future.

Aneliya would like to thank the person who called her on her daughter’s phone, Neriman, to let her know what had happened.

“This nice person encouraged all the time my child, taking care of her.”

She would also like to thank the paramedics: “who were very professional, with kind, respectful attitude with both victims”.

She was less impressed with the police, who she says have given her a crime number but no other information.

“I am battling now with slow bureaucratic system of police to find information about the driver and all legal procedure.”

Owner Iswarlal Valgi alone in the shop as car demolishes his kitchen

The accident happened at about 4.30pm when fortunately there were no customers in the shop.

The owner Iswarlal Valgi was the only person there when the car came right into his shop, destroying the fryers, the sink and gas pipes as he was standing right next to them.

Shams is in a busy area just off Acton High Street and images on social media show a badly damaged BMW crashed into the front of the takeaway shop. The driver of the car was not hurt and was not arrested at the scene.

An eyewitness told The Chiswick Calendar the driver said he had tried to brake to avoid someone in the road but hit the accelerator by mistake.

The owner’s son Jay told us:

“We are not sure how much the damage will cost us but we will be shut until everything has been replaced.”

He said his father was in shock and had been checked by paramedics at the time of the incident, but started to have pain in his back and knee the following day.

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