Car swept into the river at Chiswick Mall

Image above: Car flooded at Chiswick Mall; Photograph Simon MacMichael

A car was flooded by the incoming tide at Chiswick Mall on Friday afternoon, 15 January and swept into the river.

‘From what I can gather, bloke parked on foreshore and was distracted on phone he didn’t notice people warning him, far less the tide racing in’ said Simon MacMichael, who was passing.

“I think your engine’s flooded, mate” he added, unhelpfully, on Twitter.

Police and fire engines turned up, as did the RNLI crew from Chiswick lifeboat station. The driver was not in the car and is safe.

“It was parked on the roadside. The tide picked it up and swept it out” Gavin, one of the lifeboat crew told The Chiswick Calendar.

“The Spring tides are pretty high at the moment” said Gavin “and a Mini is quite light”.

They secured it with ropes so it wouldn’t float further into the river.

Image above: Car flooded at Chiswick Mall; Photograph Simon MacMichael

Once the tide had gone down a bit, the RNLI crew, working with the Fire Brigade, were able to get it out.

Images above: London Fire Brigade and RNLI Chiswick crew at the scene; Photographs Nick Raikes

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