Cassie makes herself at home

Image above: Cassie

Cassie does Chiswick: Week 2

Chiswick has a new inhabitant – a Cavapoochon puppy called Cassie. Like so many people who bought puppies last year, owner Sharon Moore works from home and was looking for some company in her small flat. She bought Cassie as an eight week old puppy from a breeder in Wales and brought her home on a wet and windy Saturday in February.

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Over the next few weeks Sharon will be introducing her to the neighbourhood, training her and getting her jabbed and ready to explore the streets and parks. Here’s Sharon’s blog on how Cassie is settling in. It sounds like she has made herself right at home.

A confident and inquisitive pup

By Sharon Moore

Cassie has been an absolute dream of a pup. She is so confident and loves exploring with me. It has definitely helped getting her out and about as soon as possible, especially in the car, and in her pouch at all times of day to get her used to the different smells in the area, even some smelly friendly faces (I am referring to smokers particularly that have stopped to pet her). This is critical to make her comfy and confident in all situations.

I know many dogs are scared of some household items, especially the vacuum cleaner. I have a robot one which I thought she may be scared of but she thankfully just let it clean and paid no attention to it. I think I have definitely been blessed with the most amazing and brave little pup!

She is not even scared of the hairdryer when I dry my hair. I gave her a bath (which she hated) and dried her after and she sat on my lap. I put it on the lowest heat and held it away from her and she sat there willingly getting warm.

She absolutely adores brushing her teeth. I have yet to put any cleaning products on them yet but just wanted to get her used to the feeling and now she wants them cleaned every night. I even took her to my own dental check-up this week and she sat in her bag and then fell asleep watching me. She is just too cute.

From there I went to breakfast with my neighbours to Angies, and she was a dream again, sitting/sleeping in her bag, getting all the attention. If we are walking and someone walks past and doesn’t come to touch her, she scratches and it’s almost like ‘why didn’t they come say hello’. She loves attention.

Luckily I have a neighbour with a gorgeous one-year-old Pomeranian (vaccinated) named Pringle. He has been playing with Cassie, they adore each other, it took three visits before they were comfortable and it needed to be in our home so Cassie felt more at ease to start and they are now inseparable. They see each other most days.

Pringle is slightly bigger but not much as he has a lot of fluff, but he knows she is a puppy and he let’s her get away with many bites. They are adorable together so I am really grateful they can play and play so nicely. Even though Cassie will end up bigger than him I think by becoming friends so young they will be gentle with each other.

Another great thing about being in an apartment block is having great neighbours. My washing machine broke and so I took my washing to my neighbours. She loves running down the corridors and into the lift to see my friends in the building and thankfully if I need to pop to work for a meeting I have many willing puppy sitters, which I am so grateful for as they all love her dearly so know she is in the most amazing hands.

Her breeder shared an amazing treat that she makes and I have followed this for Cassie.

Take slices of meat (sandwich slices) roll them into cigarette shapes and dehydrate them (I have an airfryer with a dehydrate setting) – 60 degrees for 3 hours and they turn into crispy little treats and the good thing is you know exactly what it is made of, always check the sugar and salt levels though as puppies shouldn’t have too much.

I give her two a day, especially when on walks in my pouch so she has something to nibble on while she watches what is going on. I think you could just do these in the oven on the same settings, but I have not tried it.

One thing I know many dogs enjoy are blueberries, my friend’s pup adores them. I gave some to Cassie and she was definitely not a fan, she tried them at least but decided they weren’t for her.

Last week I was asked how much I’d spent on her so far. It’s approximately £500 – I got her crate and playpen from a friend, and some toys I bought in different shops, and she has been lucky enough to get loads of toys from friends. She adores the stairs I got her this week; she learnt how to get up and down them in a couple of hours.

She will be vaccinated this next week so I can take her to explore much more.

You will find more pictures of Cassie on her Instagram account: @cassie_the_cavapoochon

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