Brentford 2 Aston Villa 1

Image above: Brentford v Aston Villa, 2 January 2022 It is a much-repeated maxim that Brentford always play much better against highly talented teams. Witness their bravura against Manchester City when edged out by the only goal of the match just four days prior to Aston Villa’s visit to the Community Stadium. Witness also their uncoordinated scramble in the early stages of this

Brentford 0 Manchester City 1

What a memorable evening at the Community Stadium, with Brentford punching above their weight despite having to field a makeshift side against the Premier League champions. No wonder head coach Thomas Frank expressed his pride in what he described as ‘a masterclass in defending’, restricting the visitors to just three shots on target while breakaways full of promise by the Bees constantly thre

Brighton & Hove Albion 2, Brentford 0

Image above: Courtesy of Brentford FC With trains as rare as stray reindeer, it was no surprise to see many empty seats at the Amex Community Stadium as Brentford set out to give themselves a Christmas present of three points. But fans of both sides who managed the journey on Boxing Day evening – shamefully an 8 o’clock kick-off – contributed to a special atmosphere that the

Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

Image above: Brentford v Chelsea Carabao Cup - No 8 v No 8 Jensen v Kovacic There was little preventing Brentford scoring against what is possibly the best team in the Premier League; little except Edouard Mendy, Chelsea’s Senegalese goalkeeper, and those sundry defenders who put their lives on the goal-line to keep out a marauding Bees side determined to plunder a point. What

Brentford 2 Watford 1

In Brentford’s topsy-turvy history, ten minutes of this game will rightfully claim to remain long in the memory of those privileged to have been at the Community Stadium this chilly December evening. Remove those specific ten minutes – including five added for stoppages – and it is a different story. For during much of the action, such as it was, the crowd could have been forgiven for thi

Tottenham Hotspur 2, Brentford 0

Just when we thought the Bees had overcome their drop in form, Spurs handed out a salutary lesson while proving that new Italian manager Antonio Conte fully deserves his stellar reputation. Thomas Frank fielded the same starting line-up as that which saw off Everton just four days previously, and they again looked handy enough during the exchange of opening salvos. But after only 12 minutes an

Brentford 1, Everton 0

Image above: Ivan Toney slips the ball past Jordan Pickford; photograph by Will Hagerty Whenever the lyrics of Hey Jude are sung lustily by the Brentford crowd along with the Beatles’ recording, Paul McCartney would be forgiven for taking delight in this West London devotion to one of his most famous songs. But not, perhaps, on Sunday last. After all, McCartney is an Everton supp

Brentford 1, Leicester City 2

For the second Saturday running Brentford encountered a superb goalkeeper at the top of his form. For the second Saturday running they failed to collect even one point. But are we worried? Well, as a matter of fact, yes we are. Quite what head coach Thomas Frank can do about the team’s failure to score more goals than the opposition is a real head-scratcher. They are playing free-flowing, att

Brentford 0, Chelsea 1

There was little preventing Brentford scoring against what is possibly the best team in the Premier League; little except Edouard Mendy, Chelsea’s Senegalese goalkeeper, and those sundry defenders who put their lives on the goal-line to keep out a marauding Bees side determined to plunder a point. What a strange, if fascinating, game this was. Chelsea went off at a furious lick, looking to un

Brentford 3, Liverpool 3   

Make no mistake, this was probably the greatest game ever played at a bus stop in Hounslow. Liverpool, the world’s fifth most valuable football club, had travelled from the top of the Premier League to West London for the clubs’ first league meeting since May 1947, when a draw could not save the home side from tumbling into the Second Division. What a difference eighty or so years makes bet

Brentford 7, Oldham Athletic 0

Image above: Brentford v Oldham Athletic, photograph Liz Verco

Problems-beset Oldham departed from the Community Stadium with a heavy heart and facing a bleak future. How have the mighty fallen, those riding high may muse. There, but for the grace of God, go we, tumbling from the heights to the outer reaches of league football. It’s tough at the top,

Brentford 0, Brighton & Hove Albion 1

Photograph by Liz Vercoe

Brentford v Brighton & Hove Albion

It had to happen sometime, but few among the Brentford faithful expected it to be delivered by a Brighton side as polished as the front room sideboard but with more perspiration than inspiration. We’re talking of course about the Bees’ loss of their slender unbeaten record – three Premier League games and

Brentford 2, Arsenal 0

This was no flash in the pan, no riding of luck by new boys of the Premier League. Here we saw the dismantling of one of the most famous teams in football by a side offering a total of less than an hour at this level; a club that arrived a

Euro final flop

Image above: Bill Hagerty

Tears before bedtime

In the end, it was tears before bedtime. But what dreams of glory had flourished throughout the country before England’s impressive challenge for the European Championship fizzled out as midnight approached last Sunday. The day it seemed just like that on any other sleepy weekend. Pubs with gardens or terraces in Chiswick

Brentford’s first season in the Premier League

Image above: Bill Hagerty

An old score to settle

It was a long time coming for Brentford and a return after 74 years to England’s top football flight. But here they are – well, nearly – at the dawn of a new challenge, one that comes gift-wrapped in a significant chapter of the club’s colourful history. When the Premier League fixtures were published this week, th

How Brentford beat Swansea and history is forgotten

Image above: Brentford vistory over Swansea at Wembley; photograph Brentford FC

Brentford 2, Swansea City 0

EFL Championship play-off final It took a long time coming but was so stunningly sweet when it arrived. At the tenth time of asking, Brentford competed in end-of-season play-offs that would gain them promotion if they triumphed, only they never did

Brentford FC victory puts it one match away from joining the Premier League

Image: Brentford FC

Brentford 3, Bournemouth 1 (aggregate 3-2)

Championship play-off semi-final, 2nd leg Following Brentford’s tortuous trail towards Premier League football has been like a stroll down nightmare alley. No other club in the Football League has on nine previous occasions reached the play-offs – the last-gasp opportunity for those nearl