Chiswick Cheese Market – Sunday 19 November

Image above: Chiswick Cheese Market Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin At the last market, we joined forces with The Academy of Cheese for the first ever, LIVE, Big Cheese Weekender – and what a day it was! Fantastic demos from the Queen of Cheddar herself, Mary Quicke, who showed us how cheddar is made, sharing her love and enthusiasm for the miracle that is cheese. Next up… Perry Wakeman, Affineur of the Year two years in a row, showed us how the maturing process works. A fun event with the Academy and Patrick McGuigan introduce

“The Police are more interested in raising money for the Government than they are in protecting the public”

Guest blog by Ann Crighton I am a criminal barrister with thirty years’ experience of both prosecuting and defending, who now specialises in motoring offences. Regrettably I have come to the conclusion that the police are spending the majority of their time prosecuting people for what most of us would consider minor offences and ignoring crimes we care more about, such as street robberies, burglaries and shoplifting. The job of the police has become one of revenue collection - taking money from hard working members of our community who very often are unaware they have committed an offence, because they are easy to

Former Fleet Street editor, Chiswick resident Bill Hagerty, is named Journalist Laureate 2023 

Bill Hagerty receiving his award from the London Press Club - L to R children Adam and Will, wife and fellow journalist Liz Vercoe, Bill and daughter Faith Guest blog by Julia Langdon Chiswick journalist Bill Hagerty has just pulled off the scoop of his life and that’s not a bad claim for a man who started in newspapers as a boy “sixty-something” years ago. Hagerty is himself the star of this story because what he has scooped is the most prestigious award in British journalism – that of Journalist Laureate 2023. It is a prize so honoured that it has only been presented to four previous recipients and it went to Bill Hagerty not only because of his lifetime of significant achievement and his editorship of three national newspapers but because o

Riverside Cllr Amy Croft on speaking at the Labour Party Conference

Image above: Cllr Amy Croft speaking at the Labour conference in Liverpool Cllr Amy Croft reflects on her first time speaking at a Labour conference Guest blog Last week I swapped the sunny suburbs of Chiswick and headed to the uncharacteristically sunny and warm (for October) Liverpool, for the annual Labour Party Conference. I was struck by the very clean streets despite the large distance between litter bins, and heavy concentration of bars and restaurants, alongside historical buildings, sitting in relative tranquillity without adjacent high-rise, and the fact that the equivalent of Lime scooters far outweighed the alternative bike provision; your focus definitely changes once you become a

New Chiswick street food market Sunday 22 October – what to expect

Winners of the British Street Food Awards bring an explosion of international flavours to the first Chiswick street food market Guest blog by Richard Johnson We’re BEYOND excited to launch Food St - our new street food market - in West London this Autumn. We’ll be taking over the car park outside the George IV - the site of Chiswick’s first outdoor market, set up by soldiers returning from WW1 - on the fourth Sunday of every month. And we’ll be hoping to entice visitors down to experience all of Chiswick’s independent shops, cafes and restaurants. We run the biggest street food competition in the world. Currently in 16 countries across Europe - and we’re launching in the US in November. So it makes sense that the opening of Food St will be peppered with

Big Cheese Weekender comes to ‘Cheesewick’

Save the date: Sunday 15 October 2023, 9.30am - 3pm Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin The UK’s cheese accreditation body, The Academy of Cheese, hosts an annual National Cheese Weekend packed with on-line events. For the first time ever, it will be LIVE and it will be from Chiswick Cheese Market. ‘Cheesewick’ is well and truly on the map! The Academy will stream live from the market all day, there are extra activities happening and more stalls than ever before. On top of our monthly range of over 180 different artisan cheeses we have Mellis mongers bringing cheeses from the Highlands and islands, Ty Caws bringing us some of the exciting artisan Welsh cheeses and Maltby and Greek bringing us some of the better and lesser-known cheese direct from Greece.

The Simple Tale of a Cycle Lane: Jewel Heists to the Luftwaffe

Image above: C9, Chiswick High Rd Guest blog by Michael Robinson on the final, final decision on the installation of the cycle lane through Chiswick High Rd C9, the cycle way which comes through Chiswick High Rd, has has its last and final sign off by Hounslow Council. The debate surrounding its installation has caused more division in Chiswick than any other localised topic in recent memory. Eight Conservative councillors, six of them Chiswick councillors (excluding Cllr Jack Emsley, who didn't see the point, and Joanna Biddolph who didn't get a vote because she sits on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee herself), made a last ditch attempt to get Hounslow's Overview and Scrutiny Committee to make the Cabinet reconsider, but the attempt failed and the intermina

Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 17 September

Images above: Lincolnshire Poacher producers Simon & Tim Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin Here’s a lovely cheesy story for you …… Remember the dark days of lock down? We had no idea how long it would be; we had no idea what the ‘other side’ of the pandemic would look like; and yet human nature strives to find a way through. And so it was for Simon and Tim, makers of Lincolnshire Poacher cheese. Normally, they sold a percentage of their milk daily simply as milk but their wholesaler would not take it, the route to market for artisan cheese had stopped. What to do? They created a cheese that could be matured for longer using an alpine style recipe hoping that after the pandemic it would be mature and ready to sell. Well, that day has come (woohoo) and

Cultivate London gets a new patron and some money

Arit Anderson in Cultivate London's Salopian Garden in Isleworth Guest blog by Karen Liebreich Cultivate London, the local environmental charity founded thirteen years ago with a mission to make use of unused spaces in London to grow vegetables and maintain urban green spaces, had a busy summer. They moved their HQ, acquired new sites, acquired a new patron and received a substantial tranche of funding from LB Hounslow. READ ALSO: Hogarth Centre among community groups to receive grants from LB Hounslow This week Cultivate launches its new patron, Arit Anderson, star presenter of BBC TV’s Gardeners’ World and a

Apple Day in Chiswick

Image above: 25 large crates of apples ready to be juiced Apple pressing at Chiswick Flower Market on Sunday 3 September 2023 Karen Liebreich On Sunday at the Flower Market the big apple press came out and volunteers made free juice for passers-by. This season Abundance has so far picked from 24 fruit trees in the area, making up nearly two tonnes over the season. This included 18 apple trees, 11 pear trees, 3 plum trees and a damson. We still have more apple trees to harvest from, and the quince and grape harvests are just beginning. All this fruit is saved from being wasted. On Sunday we pressed about 25 large crates full of fresh local fruit. In addition we made six fruit donations of several crates each time to the Upper Room, six to th

The need for visible policing in Chiswick

Image above: Leader of Hounslow Council Shantanu Rajawat at George IV in Chiswick Working with the Police and retailers Inspector Michael Binns, who is in charge of the Safer Neighbourhood Team across the whole of Hounslow, and Sergeant Jim Cope, who is responsible for community policing in Chiswick, addressed a meeting of Chiswick's retailers on Friday (1 September), and listened to their accounts of the impact persistent shoplifting has had on them. READ ALSO: Police ‘Safer Neighbourhood’ team in Hounslow severely understaffed Leader of Hounslow Council Cllr Shantanu Rajawat was also there, answering questions on behalf of the

A challenging year for home-owners and the housing market

Image above: Terraced houses in Chiswick; Photograph Anna Kunst Interest rates still on the rise It has been a year since that mini-budget – the one which triggered higher mortgage costs for millions and led to the swift political demise of its architects Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng. Since then, interest rates have gone up and up. Before that budget the Bank of England’s official bank rate was 1.75%. Eight incremental rises since September 2022 have brought it to 5.25%, piling the pressure on anyone with borrowing. The Centre for Economics and Business Research is forecasting two more rate rises in the current cycle, with Bank rate peaking at 5.75%. It is not just the price of borrowing which is affecting buyers but the price of housin

Chiswick Cheese Market – Sunday 20 August

Images above: Gherkins growing; gherkins pickled Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin A Chiswick tale… A fabulous lady called Lucy bought a packet of seeds from a lovely man called Alfonso at The Chiswick Cheese Market. She planted the seeds and green shoots soon grew. She looked after the plant in a pot on her patio and by August she was harvesting beautiful unusual little fruits. She pickled them, waiting for autumn to come so she could share her home-grown gherkins with her friends alongside a lovely warming, ooey-gooey raclette. The End It's not me – it’s Lucy Lee-Tirrell of the cheese market team and she has tended her seeds she bought from @Collanverdefarm stall back in March.  Alfonso is back with us after a visit to their olive farm in It

The little coffee cart which nearly grew up to be a big cafe

Considering whether to turn Coco Coffee at Strand on the Green into a bricks and mortar cafe It sounds like a children's bedtime story, but really it is a cautionary tale about how dicey it is trying to set up a business selling coffee in Chiswick. Anthony Duckworth's coffee cart at Strand on the Green is a thriving little business, though a tough gig for the barista when it's cold and pouring with rain. For a brief moment he toyed with the idea of opening a bricks and mortar cafe near the High Rd and he got quite a long way down the line before it all went pear shaped. Now he's quite glad he didn't get to go through with it. Guest blog by Anthony Duckworth So, according to a certain global coffee publication, I own and operate a

Children’s author Lotte Moore – obituary

Image above: Lotte Moore, who died, aged 87 on 12 July Best known for her wartime memoir Lotte Moore - A Child's War Obituary by Nicholas Bromley Though Lotte Moore only took up her pen in 2006 at the age of 70, she managed to write and publish over 25 children’s books in her lifetime as well as novels, poetry collections and a biography. Ink ran in the family. Her grandfather was the writer and humourist A.P. Herbert and her father John Pudney, besides being a novelist and journalist, was one of the foremost poets of his generation. Lotte’s early childhood was spent as an evacuee during World War Two and this experience was embedded in her memory. Alan Herbert and his wife Gwen lived on Hammersmi

Chiswick Flower Market – a home for British flowers?

Image above: British flowers at Chiswick Flower Market; photograph Anna Kunst A focus on British grown flowers at the next Chiswick Flower Market, Sunday 6 August  Guest Blog by Ollie Saunders Summer is the perfect time for British grown flowers – they are at the height of their beauty as we enter the season of dahlias, sunflowers and sweet peas. When we open this Sunday, Chiswick Flower Market will have the largest selection of British grown flowers available in London.  You can buy directly from ten different flower farmers at our market; some of the flowers have been grown within walking distance of the High Road.  They will have been cut the night before our market. Now you can’t

It’s a wrap! A long and very busy year in performimg arts at Chiswick School

Image: From the school's dance production Aberfan It's a wrap! Guest blog by Tommy Robinson It's been a long year. Well actually it's been as long as any other year: 195 days 39 weeks, four full terms. However, when you fill an empty bag with as much as we do, it somehow feels fuller. In a year that has seen industrial action that has limited the reach of extracurricular, both by schools and transport, we could have been excused for taking our foot off the accelerator, and students losing impetus. Keeping the students in school in our priority and Chiswick school does that particularly well, we are well above average for attendance and this year was recognised with an FFT National school Attendance Award, which puts us in the top 10% in the c

Ten Health & Fitness – Reformer Pilates in Chiswick

Dynamic Reformer Pilates - the workout for the way we live now Guest blog by Ten Health & Fitness  People are designed to move, not to sit. Yet we’re now more sedentary than at any time in human history. A growing problem over the last couple of decades, it has been exacerbated by the impact of Covid, which has led to working from home becoming part of the new normal for more people than ever before, and the resulting loss of activity and consistent exercise routines for many. In consequence, we’re increasingly prey to inflexibility, dysfunction and pain from spinal and postural imbalances, as well as circulatory problems, obesity, decreased bone density and increased early-onset diabetes. The adverse effects of the way we live now aren’t

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 16 July

Image above: Chiswick Cheese Market; phootgraph Jennifer Griffiths Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin Red wine and cheese has somewhat slipped out of favour with cheese-pairing Gurus - fresh craft beers and fruity chilled ciders becoming a go-to to pair with Cheddars. I happen to think that my chilled Prosecco is perfect with a little platter of parmesan shards as a summer Apero! So, bring on the summer cheeses pairings and let’s get stuck into some serious cheese eating in the sunshine! @vinagogo will have a fabullus sparkling for you to try which will match just as well with a shard of the very best Parmesan in the world from Ewa @biancamora. Artisan beers are at the market this month with @roundcornerbrewing – sample at the market and take some home to pair up

“Crumbling kerbs, broken paving, poor lighting, dilapidated benches” – the centre of Chiswick needs an upgrade

Image above: Chiswick Flower Market; photograph Anna Kunst Co-design Initiative for Chiswick High Road’s Old Market Place Guest blog by Dr Karen Liebreich MBE, co-director of Chiswick Flower Market Nearly three years ago we launched the first market – the monthly Chiswick Flower Market - in the centre of the High Road. Following in our wake came more Sunday markets, a higher profile for Chiswick with positive press coverage, and a general atmosphere of “buzziness” about the area. As well as aiding a commercial uptick on the high street, the markets have become a successful centre of community life, organising celebrations for occasions such as the Platinum Jubilee, the Coronation, and Christmas lighting. But even a cursory glance at th

Take me to the river

Rowing is the sport which defines Chiswick more than any other Chiswick’s iconic sporting event is the Boat Race. The annual tussle on the Thames between the elite eights of Oxford and Cambridge ends at Chiswick Bridge and is the only sports event in the area with global appeal.  Each year, the race attracts TV millions from 200 countries and a quarter of a million people flock to the riverbanks to cheer for their favourite shade of blue at an event which can look (to an Oxbridge outsider) like an Open Day at a Pall Mall Gentlemen’s club or a Flash Mob for college scarf fans. Even if you only watch the Boat Race in the hope a boat sinks or to see how far the cocky coxes can test

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 18 June

Image above: Beufort alpage cheese 2022 Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin I am writing this from the French Alps – Courchevel to be precise – a bit of a work trip but time for some fabulous mountain hiking  - so ‘Bonjour de les Alpes Francaises’... Remember our affinage tasting a few markets ago at Chiswick Cheese Market? – if you enjoyed learning about it, what about joining us at the Affineur of the year competition final? We are the proud sponsor of the ard cheese category in the National competition to find the best ‘Affineur’. One year ago, Quicke’s Cheddar delivered a 2 week old cheddar from their dairy to all the competitors – some are other well-known cheddar producers, some small cheesemak

Chiswick School arts programme for the summer term – come see

Images above: Chiswick School steel pan; Performing Arts Choir on Coronation weekend It has been a bumper whirlwind roller coaster ride in the Arts department at Chiswick School By Tommy Robinson As with all schools we have had the pressure of exam expectations and deadlines. Music, Performing Arts and Art all had their year 11 practical exams this term and after five years of study, heartache and triumph it was time for them to show just how good they are. In a term where Ofsted (and their procedures)  have been at the forefront of all teachers' minds, the idea of being individually judged is never an easy one for anyone, let alone artists. This is also the first time since COVID that the exam process has "returned to normal". However the

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 21 May

Image above: Chiswick Cheese Market, April Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin So, I’ll start with the worrying stuff - we have all seen the reports recently of heatwaves across Southern Spain but what we may not know is that there has been a drought here for months. I’m writing looking out over the scorched and parched mountains of the Sierra Nevada and am told it should look like this at the end of a hot dry summer, not in May at the end of a wet winter. I arranged to visit a local cheesemaker – but sadly there is no cheese in sight…….no greenery so the goats and sheep have produced virtually no milk and what they have made is kept for the babies…… NO CHEESE! There is of course cheese from last year to be bought and I can report that the cheese is extre

A full-on live performance schedule at Chiswick School – consider yourself invited

Image above: Chiswick performing arts 'flashmob' at the opening of the Dukes Meadows walkway underneath Barnes Railway Bridge The arts are good for you - it's official (Well Duh!) By Tommy Robinson Recently there has been a lot of chatter on social media surrounding the importance of the Arts in schools; a new report "Arts in Schools" published by the creative organisation "A New Direction" and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and supported by the Department of Education. The report states that "Arts subjects and experiences have an evidenced role in contributing to improving outcomes for children and young people, providing them with skills for li

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 16 April

Putting a SPRING into your step at the Chiswick Cheese Market…… Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin Last month I introduced the idea of ‘affinage’ (maturation) to show just how the flavour and texture of a cheese can be influenced by where and how it is kept once the initial cheese making has taken place (i.e the curds and whey are separated), but as spring, springs into action, I am also reminded of how the actual milk affects the end product. So, the nerdy bit – obviously the main ingredient is milk. Animals produce milk to feed their young and although many farmers manage reproduction in milking herds so there is a constant supply of milk all year round there will be a difference between summer and winter milks. Not rocket science here - animals ca

10 pelvic health issues women shouldn’t have to put up with

SPONSORED CONTENT Guest blog from Ten Health & Fitness There is a large shortfall in women’s health services in the UK; with awareness, education and access to treatment falling far behind Scandinavia and other European countries. The incidence of women’s health issues in the UK is huge. One in three women have urinary incontinence, 1 in 12 have faecal incontinence and 8 out of 10 women experience invasive menopause symptoms, to list just 3 examples. The scale of the issues is only matched by the lack of support available. (For context, of the 16 million women going through menopause or perimenopause, fewer than 1.5% are on HRT, even though it’s safe for most women.) At Ten, we think women have put up with this for too long. We believe that women deser

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 19 March

Image above: Quickes cloth bound Cheddar Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin First things first …. a little bit of cheese knowledge for you... A Cheese ‘affineur’…….. what on earth is that? It comes from the French verb ‘affiner’ – literally ‘to refine’. ‘Affinage’ is the ‘refining’ of the cheese once the actual cheese making process is complete. Some cheeses get extra processes after the cheese has been created – perhaps the rind is washed (in alcohol like Epoisses); perhaps the cheese is stored in a warm place for a short period of time in order to encourage certain types of rind moulds to grow or wrapped or rolled to keep moisture in or impart different flavours …. So, what happens to a cheese once the milk has been ferme

Chiswick Cheese Market – Sunday 19 February

Chiswick Cheese Market is back on Sunday 19 February, from 9.30am to 3pm in Old Market Place, outside George IV pub. This month the market is introducing a new feature - Cheese of the Month, which in February will be Gorgonzola Dolce. Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin Introducing the Cheese of the Month - Gorgonzola Dolce Cheese facts: From Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy, made with pasteurised cow’s milk only from cows that graze within the cheese making region. Minimum 45 days maturing, this is a rustically misshapen yet elegant cheese with a luxuriously unctuous interior. Less mature than its sister cheese Gorgonzola Piccante, it is therefore a wonderfully creamy cheese with a salty blue tang. A great blue cheese for a blue cheese novice

Counting Chiswick – what the data from the 2021 census reveals

Image above: People waiting for a bus in Chiswick; photograph Jennifer Griffiths Guest blog by Michael Robinson The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released detailed data from the 2021 census. Data geeks and the curious can while away some time looking at information about people and the area available from the online map ONS has provided. Here are some snippets about Chiswick. Age The median age of people in Chiswick is younger than across the river in Barnes, but older than neighbouring Acton, Brentford, Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush. Country of birth There’s a big difference between Hounslow where 50.5% of residents were born in the UK compared to the