Abundance London’s year 2021 in review

Image above: Mediaeval farming calendar I wasn't aware of 'guerilla gardening' until I came to Chiswick. Planting flowers on bits of ground not used for anything else - taking the time and trouble to make a bit of land look nice that isn't your own garden, for the enjoyment of all - had just not entered my sphere of being at all. If I ever noticed the flowers, I probably just th

Chiswick Cheese Market Sunday 16 January

Image above: Blue cheeses from the Chiswick Cheese Market

Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin

After nearly two years of never knowing what’s round the next corner, locking and unlocking, mask wearing and not mask wearing my only resolution this year was to have no resolutions at all but to simply enjoy life and make the most of things as they came along. And so, I find myself in t

Culture is ‘alive and well and thriving in Chiswick despite Covid’, says Torin Douglas

Image above: Torin Douglas at the Chiswick Book Festival; photograph Roger Green

Guest blog by Torin Douglas

Culture is alive and well and thriving in Chiswick, despite Covid - but it’s not been an easy two years. As director of the Chiswick Book Festival, I’d normally be speaking this week at the New Year ‘arts and business’ drinks we hold with

Discover Bedford Park with poet WB Yeats

Images above: CGI of new Yeats sculpture planned to be unveiled in June; WB Yeats

LB Ealing pledges £8,000 to Yeats project

London Borough of Ealing have just pledged £8,000 to the project, Discover Bedford Park with poet WB Yeats, as one of a number of community-led projects to receive grants under the Future Ealing transformation programme to improve the boroug

John D Wood & Co report an outstanding year for Chiswick’s property market

Guest blog by Julian Masson As we take down the Christmas tree and stash away the decorations, I think it’s safe to say we all hope that 2022 will be a slightly more normal and familiar year. Interestingly, the property

Chiswick wildlife – Birds

What's happening at the birdfeeder?

Guest blog by Jo Gilbert, WildChiswick  A lot more than you think you see! A fascinating and informative talk by Mike Toms from the British Trust of Ornithology (BTO), hosted by WildChiswick, revealed some facts that may surprise you. BTO is one of those fantastic British institutions that has been around many

Christmas is coming – get the cheese ready! Sunday 19 December

Guest Blog by Donna Freed

The December Chiswick Cheese Market will be amped up for Christmas this Sunday, 19 December. Think a Christmas market – gifts, the waft of pine, warming wassail wine – with a cheesy flair!

Best Books for Christmas

Image above: Jessica Bloom, Bookcase London Books are usually a good bet for ideas for Christmas presents. Jessica Bloom at Chiswick's independent bookshop Bookcase London has some suggestions. Bookcase has been in Chiswick High Rd for 28 years and specialises on good books at discount prices. More recently they have expanded their range to include all the latest books, which th

The Studio of Chiswick Artist Bernard Myers – Chiswick Auctions

Chiswick Auctions has a strong history of selling works from Modern British artists based in West London, such as Alan Thornhill, Mary Fedden, Justin Trevelyan and Jeff Hoare, building on the rich history of local artists from the area. Their Modern & Post-War British Art auction on 30 November 2021 includes a studio sale of the works of Bernard Myers, who lived at St Peter's Wharf overlook

Good COP or Bad COP – What can you do for your home to address climate change?   

Guest blog by Chiswick architect Paul Vick, who was at COP26 Green Zone in Glasgow on The Built Environment Day

The bigger picture on climate change is global and can be rather overwhelming. With increased extreme climate change particularly abroad (forest fires, drought, flooding seeing famine, migration, increased conflict over scarce resources et al), the picture may at best be gloo

Begin your Christmas shopping at the Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 21 November

Images above: Goat herd and cheeses from Nut Knowle Farm Guest blog by Donna Freed Our 21 November Chiswick Cheese Market (Cheesewick) is the biggest market yet with all 36 stalls taken. We are thrilled to welcome Nut Knowle Farm to the market. Jenny Jenner makes an astonishing 14 different varieties of vegetarian, pasteurised goats milk cheese from her herd

Chiswick Auctions holds a series of auctions around the theme of travel

From the days of the Grand Tour, travel has always provided a huge source of inspiration for art, photography, design and literature. Chiswick Auctions has a series of auctions coming up this autumn, across a range of their specialist departments, around the theme of travel. Image above: Johan Zoffany, The Tribuna of the Uffizi, 1772-77. The Royal Collection, Her Majesty Queen Elizabet

An inspiring choice of British cheeses at Chiswick Cheese Market

The Chiswick Cheese Market, held every third Sunday of the month in Old Market Place outside George IV pub in the middle of Chiswick High Rd, has recently added cheese tasings in The Crown  to their offering. Have a taste and then nip across the road to the market to buy some from the stallholder. Abigail Pitcher, one of the Market organisers, gives us a run down of what's on offer at the October

Chiswick RNLI: View from the Tideway

By Jan Harris, Education Volunteer Did you know that the crews of the Chiswick Lifeboat station, many of whom are volunteers, are on duty 24/7 to rescue people whose lives may be in danger in the River Thames? But there are other volunteers like me who support them in their work - Education Volunteers - whose job is to work with other Water Safety teams to teach children and

The New Climate War – The Fight to Take Back Our Planet

Image above: cover of The New Climate War by Michael E. Mann by Nanette van der Laan Drive less, fly less and turn off the lights. These are some of the ways we've been told that we can save the planet. But, as the pandemic has shown, our individual actions help very little when it comes to making a dent in CO2 emissions. Some climat

Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 19 September 2021

Guest blog by Donna Freed Our 19 September Cheese Market is set to be the best yet! We are hosting our first Cheesewick event to coincide with the next Cheese Market on 19 September, an exploration of Irish cheese with the Queen of Irish Cheese, Marianne Kelly of Heritage Cheese (who will be selling their cheeses as usual). The mission of Heritage Cheese is to unea

Upstaged by a Muppet

Images aboave: Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange; Kermit of The Muppets

Why no blue plaque for Anthony Burgess?

By Torin Douglas It was a bit of a week for Anna Eavis, curatorial director at English Heritage. She organises the London Blue Plaques scheme and some weeks ago she accepted my invitation to brave the lions’ den and speak at th

Afghan refugees: can I make a difference?

Guest blog by James Thellusson

My daughter suggested Unicef. My son was for donating to Care4Calai

Emery Walker’s House opens its first exhibition

Image above: Emery Walker's house, in Hammersmith; photograph Peter Dazeley Guest blog by Lucinda MacPherson Emery Walker’s house has opened its first exhibition, displaying examples of some of the most beautiful private press books ever published and illustrating Walker’s revolutionary book printing techniques & legacy in his former home in Hammersmith.

Chiswick Auctions is on the look out for silver

Image above: An early 20th century Iraqi silver and niello cigarette case, Basra dated 1938, sold for £350 including premium It's amazing how something picked up as a souvenir is valued by the buyer, kicks around in the family for a few generations, loses its personal sentimental value but can be worth a small fortune in monetary value when discovered decades later in

Traffic data shows effects of traffic restrictions in south Chiswick 

Image: Fox in the street; photograph Jon Perry

Counting cars again

Guest blog by Michael Robinson In a Chiswick Calendar article back in February I analysed the impact of measures to restrict traffic in the South Chiswick area. Hounslo

Just two more weeks left for the Garden Pavilion restaurant at Chiswick House

One of the unexpected pleasures of this summer has been the Garden Pavilion restaurant in the marquee in the gardens of Chiswick House. Definitely a treat destination rather than your every day, but you certainly feel that you have been treated if you are lucky enough to eat there. Larry Pryce has this review.

Pop Up Paradise

A welcome breath of fresh air after the rigours of lockdo

Record breaking month for house sales

Image above: Five bedroom Victorian terraced house currently on the market with John D Wood & Co Guest blog by Julian Masson The property market for sales in the second quarter of the year was extremely b

Do I need to see a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist?

Guest blog by David Harvey, DC, MChiro This is something all manual therapists will have to answer at some point or another; I have certainly been asked this question a fair few times. I was faced with this question initially when I was in secondary school — during my GCSE years I made the decision to study chiropractic at university. When I told my teacher, she asked

Islamic & Indian Paintings: The Dexter Collection Part II at Chiswick Auctions

Guest Blog by Ghislaine Howard What is Art? It is the response of man’s creative soul to the call of the real.” - Rabindranath Tagore Chiswick Auctions Head of Islamic & Indian Art, Beatrice Campi and Department Coordinator, Ghislaine Howard are thrilled to offer the private collection of Islamic & Indian Paintings from Anthony Dexter.  Dexter is

It’s coming home… the Yeats/Bedford-Project is almost there

Image above: Enwrought Light by Conrad Shawcross RA, inspired by WB Yeats, will honour the poet, just yards from his childhood home and beside the path on which he walked daily to school, here at the entrance to Chiswick’s unique Bedford Park gar

Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 18 July 2021

Image above: Chiswick Cheese Market, June 2021; photograph David Insull Guest blog by Donna Freed As of this writing, the forecast for next Sunday, 18 July does not include rain! Third time lucky for the Cheese Market! However, a little rain hasn’t dampened our spirits or our passion for cheese. We were pleased that the tremendous effort we have made to

Tideway Tales: from newsroom to search and rescue

Guest blog

by James Anthony When I was seven years of age I wanted to be a paratrooper or a member of a lifeboat crew. So it was no surprise that by the time I was 45 I was a production journa

Brentford’s first season in the Premier League

Image above: Bill Hagerty

An old score to settle

It was a long time coming for Brentford and a return after 74 years to England’s top football flight. But here they are – well, nearly – at the dawn of a new challenge, one that comes gift-wrapped in a significant chapter of the club’s colourful history. When the Premier League fixtures were published this week, th

Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 20 June 2021

Image above: Chsiwick Cheese Market, May 2021; photograph David Insull

Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin

‘Say cheese!’ I know you’re smiling as you say it and so are we… we have recharged our inner batteries, sourced even more Artisan cheeses for your delectation and delight, and stand ready to open the gate for the second Chiswick Cheese Market this Sunday, 20 June – th