Play Scrabble with a friend

Guest blog by Julia Langdon

Nigella has produced a new cookbook. Ali Smith has written and published another novel. Others have written operas and poems and life plans. The creativity of this most extraordinar

Oodles of Poodles at Chiswick Auctions

Images above: Staffordshire poodles from the collection of Mrs Patricia Rose Included in Chiswick Auctions Interiors, Homes and Antiques sale on 30 September is a large private collection of 19th century Staffordshire poodles. They belonged to internationally renowned breeder of Miradel poodles, Mrs Patricia Rose of the miniature Poodle Club of Great Britain. The hist

Trials without juries?

The Coronavirus pandemic has led the Government to consider doing away with jury trials. According to the Times, ‘sources’ suggest the Ministry of Justice in considering bringing in a law when Parliament reconvenes n

What is the future of the Liberal Democrats?

“I can’t live in Hounslow”!

In the July 1 issue of The Times, Hilary Rose wrote that her online house hunting had led her to discover a place called Chiswick in the borough of Hounslow, the mention of which, she said, prompted declarations of horror and peals of laughter from friends. In a thinly veiled request to be sent property particulars, she proceeded to tell readers (presumably assuming Chiswickites don't read The Tim

Street Cat

Guest blog by Julia Langdon

The trouble with most cats is that they are greedy, indolent and utterly egotistical. They demand impatiently to be fed, according to a strict timetable of their own devising, just in order to go and lie down somewhere in cushioned comfort, preferably in the sun. After some languid attention to grooming, the rest of the day can then be spent in a leisurely f

Foreign holidays back on

Under 30s are a car-free zone

Images above: Grove Park Rd in spring; Cameron Kerr By Cameron Kerr Residents are losing their minds over a ‘car-free Chiswick’, but for some under 30s, that’s the norm. In case you missed it: Covid 19 turned TfL’s motto from ‘every journey matters’ to ‘are you sure your journey really matters?’. Because a Boris Bus has become a potential biohazard, the govern

Bedford Park Online Festival

By Torin Douglas When it became clear that the COVID-19 lockdown meant Chiswick’s annual Green Days weekend and Bedford Park Festival could not take place in their usual form, Bridget Osborne and I put our heads together. Surely we could rescue some of it online? The Chiswick Calendar had organised the Photographic Exhibition last year, so that was an obvious starting point - they could pu

Black Lives Matter protest: “I’ve been in turmoil all week”

By Joanna Raikes The peaceful anti-racism protests currently taking place are a controversial issue. I rarely share my opinion like this on social media but felt that, since I posted pics of the protest I attended yesterday, I should explain my position on the matter. There also seems to be a lot of anger towards protesters which I feel is unfair. I'll start by saying that I believe the beha

Radical plans for south Chiswick

By Michael Robinson If you sit and have coffee outside The Coffee Traveller on Thames Rd, you quickly notice how many lorries and large vans there are bumping along the residential road with its small rank of shops, post office, primary school and riverside pubs. Over 70% of traffic entering Hartington Road from the A316 by Chiswick Bridge is driving straight through the area. Sutton Court R

Chiswick Landlords and Tenants Group formed to help businesses

With the summer rent quarter coming up, businesses which have had little or no income for the past ten weeks are wondering how they are going to survive the rest of this year. When we held the public meeting to launch the

How to spot a suffragette in the family

Professional genealogist Gill Thomas on how to get the best out of a Census

Gill Thomas is a professional genealogist who has worked on events such as the Who Do You Think You Are? exhibition, helping the public with queries about how to trace their family history. Like the rest of the world, she’s taken her activities online and offers interactive sessions about how to do

Let them eat bread!

By Sara Ward I run a weekly micro bakery from home in Brentford, where locals can order bread, buns, honey and preserves to collect on a Friday afternoon, so I’m used to buying flour in 25kg sacks, and if I’m stocking a few different varieties, it’s not uncommon for me to have 100kg in the house. Most people don’t keep flour in that quantity in their kitchen cupboard, but when the lo

Help for the cricket-deprived

Images above: Peter Oborne and Richard Heller in action by Richard Heller Of course there are more important things to worry about, but the virus left England bereft of cricket just when its devotees could look forward to the new season. To us, this represents not just a physical but a psychic deprivation. No cricket is almost a synonym for no hope. Our conditi

We all know we need more housing in London

Guest blog by Cllr Andrew Steed Ealing, like Hounslow, is now holding 'virtual' planning meetings. Cllr Andrew Steed took part in his first such meeting this week to speak out against a planning application for 42 flats on land currently used as a car park  in his ward of Ealing Southfields. Here's his guest blog on the meeting. I was speaking as Southfield Ward Councillor against the p

In Defence of Eurovision

By Georgia MacPherson On Saturday night from 6:30 to midnight, households up and down the UK sat down for a marathon viewing of Eurovision programming on BBC1 and BBC2. Celebrating old favourites and the contestants whose moment in the spotlight was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic, what could have felt like 5 and half hours of compilation videos went by surprisingly qui

Safer Streets in Chiswick: Time for Action not Words

Images above: Tran's bike in collision with a car; Tran with her wonky wheels By Dr Edward Seaton My wife Tran was hit by a car whilst she was cycling to work today. She is a consultant at Charing Cross Hospital and was cycling to a breast cancer clinic, along King Street. She was riding an upright Dutch bike and wearing normal clothes. Not a thread of lycra in

Roll on the next car boot sale

Guest blog by Polly Williams There are many things I miss about pre-Covid life, but one regular mass gathering that I pine for in particular is the Chiswick Car Boot sale, which was the inspiration behind one of my recent illustrations. I was first introduced to the Chiswick Car Boot sale by my partner, a lifelong Chiswickian, and his mother, for whom the monthly pilgrimage to the bric-a

‘I’m not a bee-keeper, I’m a bee landlord’

Guest blog by Susan Lee Kerr I’m not a beekeeper, I’m a bee landlord. In my Grove Park backyard I have two hotels abuzz with bees. Easy peasy, and no worries about swarming, queen bees, swashbuckling hats with nets… or even bee stings. My bees are loners, female and they ‘vant to be alone,’ to quote Greta Garbo. They are solitary bees. Of the 270 kinds of bees in the UK, says Frie

Hounslow to publish proposals for south Chiswick in the next couple of weeks

Boris Johnson says we should walk or cycle to work where possible. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says the same. Both fear a mass decision to jump into our cars to avoid using public transport as we return to work. The impact of that would be 'Carmageddon'. The need to introduce traffic management measures to stop Chiswick being in continual gridlock has become more urgent as the lockdown eases. Th

Avoiding ‘Carmageddon’

The day after Boris Johnson's speech to the nation introducing the beginning of easing the lockdown, roads into London  were jammed as communters headed in to work. This picture of Stile Hall Gardens (below) was not taken on 11 May 2020, but shows the kind of rush hour congestion which is typical in many of Chiswick's residential streets even before the Covid-19 emergency. It was announce

26.2 people enjoy the 2.6 Challenge on 26 April

By Rosie Leyden The sun shone down on us – a group of 26 friends plus a one-year old – as we completed a running / walking / cycling relay of a total distance of four marathons last Sunday – the day of the cancelled 26.2-mile London Marathon. Starting at Bushy Park, we wove our way through Isleworth, Twickenham, Richmond, Kew, Chiswick and Gunnersbury Park. We then passed our virtu

Local parkrunners take on the 2.6 Challenge

By Rosie Leyden Pembroke Athletica is an informal group of running friends, from Chiswick and West London, who meet up each week at parkrun in Richmond Park, run 5 kilometres, and then (more importantly) enjoy coffee and cakes at Pembroke Lodge café. At least they do in normal times. This Sunday they are all taking part in the 2.6 Challenge.

What is the 2.6 Challenge?

Growing your own vegetables – April

Images above: Coriander; Pak Choi

Rose Lewis on what to plant in April

The last couple of weeks I have been planting more and more seeds – I now have more time and along with my allotment – I have also started some in my garden and my window sill. I figure that if I am going to be home all summer, I need extra food for my lunch as well as dinner. The weather has als

No offence, but I’d rather have Peter Rabit. Or Raabit from Winnie-the-Pooh

Richard Heller is a former columnist for the Mail on Sunday Here he offers The Chiswick Calendar his thoughts on the state of our nation. Boris Johnson is on the mend. The Sun greets this event with a headline that crosses the frontier between sycophancy and blasphemy: “Now it really is a Good Friday!” I dread to think of its headline should Boris get up

Five movies for Covid Lock Down

James Thellusson
1. Withnail & I Once a year, I watch this movie alone with a bottle of wine. The family leave me to it. They understand I have a bromance with a movie about a bromance between two out of work young actors at the tail end of the Swinging Sixties (‘They’re selling hippy wigs in Woolworths, man’). It co

Funny books to take your mind off things

James Thellusson
James Thellusson has put together a list of his favourtite comic novels to take our minds off things. 1.Down with Skool / Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle: If your kids think their education has been ruined by Covid-19 make them read about the trials of Nigel Molesworth because any fule kno St Custard’s is the wo

Watching live theatre on the TV

Torin Douglas ventures into new territory, watching a National Theatre production at home

I’m very grateful to The Chiswick Calendar for telling me that the National Theatre would be live-streaming James Cordern in its huge hit play ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’. I watched it go out live - and the play and performances were every bit as funny on the screen as I remembered in