Hogarth Club introduces new fitness programme

Guest blog by Vojin Soskic

The New Year is here. Predictably it is back with a bang and not just if you saw some fireworks. On the crest of that wave, we can exclusively reveal a brand new product at The Hogarth. We introduce to you… The Hogarth Octagon Health and Fitness tests! January is a popular time in gyms but we know there is danger of not maintaining the momentum in th

Getting back to fitness after childbirth

Guest blog by Cat Baxendale

I always dreamed of becoming a mother, but when the dream became reality, it certainly didn't come easily. Monty's grand entrance was 12 days late and at the end of a labour which stretched beyond 48 hours. With one dramatic, final big push and a pair of forceps, I found a strength I didn’t know I had and, having narrowly avoided a trip to theatre, I was hol

How to set goals for a healthier lifestyle

Guest blog by Vojin Soskic

As a personal trainer and gym manager at The Hogarth I have seen a wide variety of people in our club. The one thing they all have in common is they will need to commit regularly to exercise if they are to succeed in leading a healthier life. The irony is this blog should have been done a few weeks ago but like all those would be exercisers this would be wri