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2019 Chiswick Book Festival in pictures

2019 Chiswick Book Festival in pictures The 2019 festival was rich with authors who live locally talking about fascinating topics: Polly Devlin on her memoir Writing Home, Lucy Briers about her late father Richard Briers, who lived for many years in Chiswick, whose biographer James Hogg joined Lucy and actor Peter Egan to celebrate his life; Cahal Dallat on WB Yeats and Tom Mangold on the Profumo Affair. Graham Holderness talked to broadcaster Julian Worricker about Meat, Murder, Malfeasance, Medicine and Martyrdom: Smithfield Stories: Wat Tyler, Anne Askew, Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper, Heinrich Himmler & more ... a gruesome presentation if ever there was

Biography of American wartime spy Virginia Hall

Terrorism linked to domestic violence

Domestic violence linked to terrorism Festival review by Bridget Osborne October 2019 Photograph above: Jess Phillips MP in the Chamber of the Houses of Parliament Labour MP Jess Phillips says she’s had it explained to her in graphic detail what some angry men would like to do to her. She gets messages like this one: ‘Unless you change your attitude, be afraid, be very afraid... Wherever you are, keep looking over your shoulder ... You and your Remain friends have been warned’ and messages which are much more explicit than that. Paula Sherrif MP says she gets death threats ‘every single day’. ‘I’ve received death threats, I’ve received rape threats, I’ve been shouted at in the streets, I’ve had abusive phone calls’. 23 year o

Prince Albert: The Man Who Saved the Monarchy

Marie Colvin’s Final Assignment

The Art of the Thriller

Chiswick Garden ‘most important in UK’

W B Yeats Nobel prize winning poet lived in Chiswick

Marthe Armitage artist and patternmaker

Sadie Jones Costa prize winning novelist

Mark Billingham crime writer

Polly Devlin journalist

Richard Briers CBE actor

How to Age Joyfully