Lockdown leftovers fishcakes

By Donna Freed, Writer, podcaster, translater and part of The Cookbook Festival Team. The Cookbook Festival team have produced two festivals of cookbook authors talking about their books and demonstrating their recipes. Most of the team are themselves chefs and / or cookbook authors. Those who don't cook professionally, just love cooking. This is freelance journalist Donna Freed's recipe

Puy Lentil, Roast Red pepper & Goat’s cheese salad

By Jules Kane, chef @Crucialfood and part of The Cookbook Festival Team. Crucial Cafe offers a range of healthy meals and snacks at the Hogarth Centre, with many vegetarian and vegan options. This is Jules' recipe for a simple and nutritional lunch option, with a zingy pesto made from wild garlic - which you may find you have in your garden at the moment. Serves 4


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Cheer yourself up with Lucy’s chocolatey fudge cupcakes