Chiswick architect returns missing doves type to Emery Walker’s house

Between 1916 and 1917, a disgruntled and increasingly frail, elderly man made his way by foot an estimated 170  times, and under cover of darkness from his home in Hammersmith Terrace along the river to Hammersmith Bridge with the express purpose of tipping the entire Doves type and matrixes, weighing over a ton, into the Thames to meet a watery grave. Thomas Cobden-Sanderson left and

Viva Republic!

Kuldeep Mattegunta, head chef at Republic, puts finishing touches to one of his street food inspired dishes. Republic is at last set to open for diners on Chiswick High Road this Monday,  five months after their launch was scuppered by the Government announcing London was going into Tier 3. Chef Kuldeep Mattegunta and manager Mustaq Tappewale, both formerly of Kricket,

A Room of Their Own – The Small Library Company in Chiswick Mall

Meg’s new roommates – 1,500 books; photograph Lucinda MacPherson You know how some adult children quietly moved back in with their parents during lockdown? Something similar happened to Meg Dillon, but it wasn’t her children, but 1,500 books, which suddenly took up residence in a room with a view in her highly desirable riverside home on Chiswick Mall. Meg explains, “I t

Chiswick Cheese Market launches this Sunday

The forecast for this Sunday is Gouda with light Bries, as a brand new Cheese Market rolls into town. Truckles and wheels of specialty cheeses will be rolling in from all over the UK as far north as the Highlands. There will also be some of the best Europe has to offer, including Red Cow Parmesan, claiming to be the best in the world, and Alpine cheeses from France. 20 Cheese stalls, spread

Andy Sands Photography – Slime Moulds

If you've ever looked close enough at a leaf or a log, you might have noticed the tiny extremities which Andy Sands now photographs in his spare time. These 'Slime Moulds', the informal name given to several kinds of fungi-like organisms, are the focus of Andy's recent photography and have been featured in the BBC Science and Focus magazine. Andy also owns and runs Chiswick Camera Centre he has h

Harold Pinter lived in a small flat in Chiswick High Road, the inspiration for one of his greatest plays.

By Jill Apperley One’s life has many compartments When Harold Pinter died on Christmas Eve in 2008 his obituary described him as ‘one of the greatest of modern dramatists’ whose plays ‘decisively shaped the medium in which he worked’. Pinter’s influence on twentieth century drama is almost incalculable and it’s not too much of an imaginativ