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Chiswick In Film festival – six films with ties to Chiswick

  Chiswick In Film The idea of a festival showing films made locally or by locals, was born from a random conversation with chief-editor-in-command of The Chiswick Calendar Bridget (she might hate me for that…but then again, she never censors me… and if you’re reading this she hasn’t). This wasn’t just a great occasion to celebrate our community, but a way to combine our love for both movies and our leafy neighbourhood in the splendid new Chiswick Cinema (without which this could never happen). We came up with dozens and dozens of titles and to pick just six of them seemed an impossible task, but we kept on telling ourselves “well, we'll keep that for next year”. The Chiswick Film Festival 2022 runs between the Friday 30 September and Sunday 2 Oct

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Fuller’s Head of the River

Fuller's Head of the River Fours Photographs courtesy of Fuller’s head of the River Fours and British Rowing[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]One of the largest rowing events in the world, every November hundreds of crews take part in the Fuller’s Head of the River Fours, which starts at the University Stone at Mortlake, near Tideway Scullers boat club at Chiswick Bridge, and ends at the University Stone at Putney. The event takes place on the River Thames along the four and a quarter mile Championship course from Mortlake to Putney (ie. the Oxford/Cambridge boat race course in reverse). In 2018 the race is on Saturday 3 November – Provisional start time 12.00. Established in 1955, the event came about when the Tradesmen’s Rowing Club’s Association