Cathy Renzenbrink, author & book pundit

Interview by Bridget Osborne

August 2016

Cathy Renzenbrink has had a long career in the book industry. She used to be a contributing editor to The Bookseller magazine and is often to be found doing bookish events at festivals, including the one in Chiswick, where she also lives.

Her first book The Last Act of Love was about the life and death of her brother. Variously described as “brilliant … harrowing and heart-breaking”… “beautiful, devastating and ultimately uplifting”, it was shortlisted for The Wellcome Prize and The Portico Prize and was a Sunday Times bestseller.

Her brother was severely injured in a car accident at the age of 16, and the family had to cope with this bright, funny teenager suddenly not being present in his own body, in a persistent vegetative state. Ultimately they had to face the decision to let him die. Now Cathy speaks and writes regularly on life, death, love, literature, literacy and mental health.

She spoke to me in 2016 about The Last Act of Love.