Central Middlesex Hospital attacker sentenced to 30 years in prison

Man who attacked colleagues with axe sentenced to 30 years in prison

Image above: Matteo Bottarelli

A hospital maintenance worker who attempted to murder two of his colleagues with an axe has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Matteo Bottarelli, 44, told a Central Middlesex Hospital worker, ‘this is your lucky day,’ before stabbing him in the neck with a type of pickaxe on June 21 last year.

A second man suffered multiple head injuries in the unprovoked attack. Gideon Tesfay was stabbed with a scalpel while Trevor McGuire was beaten over the head with a mattock.

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The gardener was arrested by armed officers at his home address in Central Way, north-west London. He was taken to hospital for treatment of self-inflicted injuries.

Wood Green Crown Court earlier heard how Bottarelli had taken heroin and cocaine before launching is attack in the hospital.

Sentencing Bottarelli, Judge Joanna Greenberg KC said:

“It is likely you were suffering from an underlying psychotic illness for several years. I have no doubt that your ingestion of a very large amount of heroin and cocaine on 21 June last year, greater than the quantity you usually took, had an impact.

“You are unable to explain why you attacked work colleagues with whom you had no dispute.

‘Mr Maguire has suffered permanent, lifelong, irreversible injuries which has had and will continue to have a substantial effect and long-term effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities, and his ability to work.

‘Mr Tesfay has suffered serious scarring and has suffered serious psychological and physical harm.

‘I do not regard you as inherently wicked – what you did has not only affected each of your victims, but your own.

‘You have ruined your own life.’