Charities lose contacts since introduction of GDPR

Guest blog by Matthew Hunt

Since the General Data Protection Regulation was introduced in May last year, small not-for-profits and charities have reported a severe loss of contacts. Many of them had to delete their databases and start from scratch, asking the public to agree to their information being kept in their contacts files by opting in. According to a survey of charities by trade publication Third Sector, 18% said they’d lost half of their emailable contacts. Those affected include major charities. One big national charity is reported to have lost 40% of their contacts due to lack of GDPR compliant permissions.

Win back your clients

Club Card business 11 London is a strategic and creative communications company. Managing Director Matthew Hunt explains how they help organisations grow their contact database, or win them back, using social media.

Ah, GDPR. The tedious courses. The complex consent procedures. And the  sad shrivelling of your once-proud database. If you run a business in West London, you may well be finding it more difficult to attract potential customers in these challenging times. However, all is not lost. Social media offers a real opportunity to generate leads, but it’s under-used because most businesses still don’t grasp the potential of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to provide business platforms. Yet once you understand these platforms, you unlock tremendous reach and targeting power. Social media ads enable you to swiftly test multiple creative propositions and products, and instantly find the message that really works for your business – all for a comparatively low media spend.

If we sound evangelical, it’s because here at 11 London we have seen great results creating social media campaigns for a range of clients in the health and humanity sectors – in which we specialise. They include a West London based commercial health brand, for whom we developed a Facebook campaign that ran for several years in university cities across the UK, successfully encouraging new students to visit their GPs for contraception. Then there’s the UK health and accommodation charity YMCA, for whom a £12 a month sponsorship product, tested on Facebook, is now their main donor recruitment mechanism – with Twitter and Instagram the best performing platforms.

The potential for use by dentists, restaurants, health spas and private clinics alike to drive business is immense, and is a very different kettle of fish from simply writing a post or even boosting it. We’ve distilled all our learnings into our own product, which we call Social Media Labs, and have used it to help over a dozen clients to generate and convert leads.  Digital networking is the future, so get in touch with us if you’d like to make it work for you.

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Matthew Hunt is the Managing Director of communications agency 11 London

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