Charles Cumming’s new book The Man Between

Charles Cumming has a good grasp of contemporary geopolitics. His spy thrillers range from North Africa to Moscow and from Washington to Turkey. He always seems to have his finger on the pulse, whether he’s writing about the Uyghurs in China or Basque separatists in Spain.

His latest book concerns direct action in the era of Donald Trump and the alt right.  Writer Kit Carradine is asked to do a bit of spying on a trip to Morocco for a book festival and quickly finds himself out of his depth.

Charles himself was invited to apply for a job with MI6 when he first left university. He says he didn’t get the job, but the experience gave him some good material with which to start his career as a writer.

Watch his interview here and then go and see him at the Chiswick Book Festival on Sunday 16 September.

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