Cheer yourself up with Lucy’s chocolatey fudge cupcakes

Lucy Cufflin, she of the Chiswick Cookbook Festival and Supper Clubs and author of several cookbooks herself, is doing exactly what you’d expect someone who loves cooking to do. She’s keeping her spirits up by cooking her way through the Coronavirus lockdown.

On her daily perambulations she’s having a look at what’s on offer in Chiswick’s local independent shops and stalls and using the ingredients by either rediscovering an old recipe or making up a new one. We are delighted to tell you that we will be featuring her delicious concoctions over the coming weeks. Today’s recipe is for decadent, chocolatey, fudge cupcakes, made with the blueberries currently on offer on the market stall by Waterstones on the High Rd.

Ingredientsmakes 12 large cupcakes

250g butter

350g blueberry jam

250g caster sugar

4 eggs

200g SR flour

50g cocoa powder


75g butter

50g cocoa powder

200g icing sugar

2 tablespoons water +

2 punnets blueberries


1) pre-heat oven to 350F/180C and put muffin cases in the tin. Put 36 blueberries aside for the top after baking

2) Melt the butter together over a low heat

3) COOL 5 mins

4) add the sugar and eggs and mix well

5) add the flour and all the remaining blueberries and stir carefully together

6) pour into the cases till about 3/4 full. Bake 20-25 mins until springy on top. COOL completely

7) make icing by melting butter, add cocoa and icing sugar – this will be stiff but add the water and then more till you have a luxurious, thick, shiny, fudge icing. It’s like magic!

Put a tiny blob of icing on each cake to hold the blueberries in place, pile them on, then spoon the icing over. It should coat them thickly. Leave to set

This is a great fudge icing for any cake and was invented by my son, Sam, when he was a young!

Recipe Lucy Cufflin

Author of Lucy’s Food and Lucy’s Bakes Hardie Grant Publishing

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