Chinese fine dining in Grove Park

I have long lamented that there isn’t a really good Chinese restaurant in striking range of where I live, so was delighted to be invited to the home of Jet and Eugene in Grove Park where they offer an authentic, home cooked Chinese meal for paying guests.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but there were eight of us seated for dinner – an English engineer, a couple of bankers, a gallery owner and some Chinese friends of Jet and Eugene, who mostly had an interest in China and were good company as we set about this banquet, this feast of eleven courses ranging from vegetarian to fish, lamb, beef, pork and chicken.

Each dish offered a variety of flavours and textures, from the Pork and Chinese mushroom pancake starter, to the Sichuan spicy chicken (the only really hot dish) to the Spare ribs Wuxi style and the Stir-fried vegetables with prawns. Before eating there I would have told you that I wasn’t fussed about Spare ribs, but these were like no others I’d experienced, with far more meat on them than the name suggests. Every course was delicious and having Jet and Eugene to chat to about the food and about life in China made the experience even more memorable.

Their next ‘at home’ will be on Saturday 9th June.  Suggested minimum contribution £30 per person. To book, email Eugene at


Sample menu


Pork and Chinese mushroom pancake


Lamb and vegetable soup

Main Course

  1. Shredded potato salad
  2. Sichuan spicy chicken
  3. Spare ribs Wuxi style
  4. Mu Shoo chicken
  5. Slow cooked lamb and Chinese sauce
  6. Stir-fried vegetables with prawns
  7. Braised aubergines
  8. Steamed sea bass

Steamed rice


Sticky rice balls and fruit