Chiswick aka the Wild West

Images above: Traffic signs showing Fisher’s Lane road closed, at the south end and at the north end

I never thought I’d find myself saying this, but I am beginning to feel almost sorry for the council. Somebody somewhere is working very hard to introduce the new traffic measures throughout Chiswick, in the fond belief that they are positive and beneficial, but Chiswick drivers are taking not a blind bit of notice.

Drivers ignoring closure of Fisher’s Lane

As of last Friday (31 July) all vehicles except bikes and buses were banned from driving under the railway bridge on Fisher’s Lane. I watched on Saturday and Sunday as car after van after car paused, looked around for a camera and continued regardless, including the uber I was in.

Images above: Sign at the corner of Harvard Hill in Grove Park; barrier blocking access to the A4

Dangerous driving on Harvard Hill

Access from Harvard Hill onto the A4 has also been closed. As I stopped to take a picture of the sign, one driver drove in, paused, did a three point turn and came back the way she’d gone in. Another blithely manoeuvred his way round the Road Closed barrier, on the wrong side of the road, dangerously blocking the entrance from the A4 so he could turn onto it.

“This is the first I’ve heard about it” said the umpteenth person who clearly hadn’t read any of the council’s publicity on paper or online, (including a Zoom call with the council leader open to all) or any of the many invitations to comment or articles in the local media.

Images above: A driver enters Harvard Hill, realises she can’t turn on to the A4 any more and does a three point turn to go back

This is the honeymoon period in which they expect people to be confused and take time to change their habits, Cllr Guy Lambert told me, so they are for the first few weeks taking a lenient approach. As I reported last week though, Cabinet member for Transport Cllr Hanif Khan has professed himself “disappointed” a the behaviour of drivers in Turnham Green Terrace, moving the barriers out of the way so they could park.

Soon now LB Hounslow and LB Ealing will start enforcing the changes with cameras and fines. So if you want to have a quick study of the new traffic measures before you get a ticket, have a look at all the changes which have been introduced since the beginning of June 2020.

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