Chiswick based teacher writes new “fail-proof”cookbook

Image above: The Independent Cook

Chiswick based food technology teacher launches new cookbook

A food technology teacher from Chiswick has written a new cookbook, which she claims is “fail-proof”.

Sarah Main’s book features a collection of over 70 recipes which she says have all been used to teach teenagers in schools across west London, and covers the most basic skills.

“The book has taken thirty years to write. It’s fail proof because all the recipes in the book have been taught to teenagers in schools across west London. The book has even got QR codes in to show people how to skin a tomato, separate an egg or even line a pastry tin. It makes cooking a lot easier.”

The Independent Cook will be available in September, and is linked to a website.

“The website shows what kitchen equipment people should have, the very basics. It shows what they should have in their cupboards, like flour and olive oil.”

What are the sources for her recipes?

“Most of them have been passed on. Maybe from a grandmother, or I found them in an old cookbook and adapted it so they can be used in school. I’ve worked in Chiswick and Hammersmith, at Latymer, Godolphin and Chiswick School. All of the recipes, apart from three of them, can be done in an hour or less.”

The book was originally going to be self-published but Sarah said that changed when she met a friend earlier this year.

“A friend of mine knew a publisher. I met with them and they immediately agreed to publish.”

Image above: The Independent book cover

Book will “set young people up for life”

As the name suggests, the book is mainly aimed at young people moving out and setting up themselves, making them independent as cooks, confident to start food with ingredients from scratch rather than relying on pre-prepared and packaged meals.

“Whether you’re a student, moving into your first flat, or just wanting to improve your cooking skills, this is the only cookbook you’ll need to create simple, quick and reliable recipes.”

Sarah’s favourite recipe?

“The one on the front cover of the book. It is a platter based on roasted butternut squash and roasted sweet potato. It is roasted with honey and chilli. You then put it on a plate with some rocket and put your meat on top. You then finish the dish with some salsa verde and pomegranate.

“I usually go for steak or lamb but you can change it out for something different. This is what the book is all about.”

Sarah’s aim of the book is to “set young people up for life. It’s got a mixture of everything: starters, mains and desserts. The recipes taking less than an hour and being adaptable makes it different.”

The book is to be sold across Europe, on Sarah’s website and at Waterstones, and also in Australia.