Chiswick Calendar Card reunites Chiswick tourist in Italy with his wallet

Image: The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

“I’m forever in your debt”

The Chiswick Calendar received an unusual email the other day – from Claudia Celsi, at the Office of the Mayor, in Florence, Italy.

Claudia, who works in Events, City Celebrations and Protocol Service at the Palazzo Vecchio, had picked up a wallet dropped by a British tourist – Matt Adams from Chiswick.

Hoping to find some means of contacting him, she came across our signature lime green Club Card with The Chiswick Calendar’s email address.

‘If you have information – email address or mobile- to help get in touch with him, it will  be very important’, she wrote.

The Chiswick Calendar Club CardImage: A Chiswick Calendar Club Card / aka homing device

We did, we emailed him and managed to catch him the same day – the last day of his holiday, as it happended, and he was able to go and pick it up before heading home.

“I’m slightly in shock that The Chiswick Calendar of all things has notified me of this! I’m forever in your debt,” said Matt.

And the moral of the story? Carry your Chiswick Calendar Club Card at all times! You can apply for one here: Newsletter and Club Card sign-up (it doesn’t matter if you are already a subscriber. If you need a card just resubscribe. It will only send you the email with the newsletter once)

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