Chiswick Calendar spring 2023 Art & Photography exhibition private view

Image above: ‘Prosecco’ by Naila Hazell

A very convivial evening

Thanks so much to all who came to the opening of our art and photography exhibition on Tuesday (18 April). If Naila Hazell’s picture is called ‘Prosecco’, I think all those below could justifiably be called ‘gin’. Thanks for the Clayton hotel for hosting, to Sipsmith for the gin, and to Snappy Snaps Chiswick for printing and framing.

You can read a little bit about all the artists taking part and see some of their work here:

Chiswick Calendar Art & Photography spring exhibition 2023

They are: Anna Kunst, Arabella Harcourt-Cooze, Arad Reisberg, Humphrey Bangham, Isobel Johnstone, Jane Price, Jennifer Abbott, Jennifer Griffiths, Jill Meager, Ljubima Woods, Madeleine Marsh, Naila Hazell, Polly Nuttall, Sally Grumbridge, Sarah Granville and Scott Margetts.

Among those who came were the artists and their friends, readers of The Chiswick Calendar’s newsletter and two MPs – Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford & Isleworth in whose constituency most of Chiswick is stiuated, and Andy Slaughter, MP for Hammersmith & Fulham, in whose constituency were are likely to be situated if the constuency boundary changes are confirmed in July.

We made a small donation to the hotel’s charity Leukemia Care, and even sold some paintings. Pictures below by Joanna Raikes and Madeleine Walker.

Images above: Chiswick Calendar editor Bridget Osborne with Ruth Cadbury MP and Andy Slaughter MP and others; photograph Joanna Raikes

Images above: Work by Polly Nuttall, Jennifer Griffiths & Sarah Granville; Ruth Cadbury MP contemplating the artwork; photograph Joanna Raikes

Images above: Private view; photograph Joanna Raikes; Paintings by Naila Hazell

Images above: Private view; photograph Joanna Raikes; Exhibition prints by Sally Grumbridge & photographs by Anna Kunst

Images above: Bridget Osborne, Dawn Wilson & Madeleine Walker; photograph Joanna Raikes; Exhibition photographs by Ljubima Woods

Images above: Arad Reisberg’s exhibition photographs being admired; photograph Madeleine Walker