The Chiswick Calendar’s Politics coverage

The Chiswick Calendar launched in November 2014 and within six months there was a general election. The Chiswick Calendar held its first public debate at the Tabard theatre on Monday 9 March 2015, the first of a series of very popular debates and discussions on politics and current affairs topics.

When the next election was called in 2017 we added a daily politics blog.

General Election 2015

Nick Raikes with Boris Johnson on the campaign trail in Chiswick 2015

Heathrow Third Runway proposal, November 2015

Ruth Cadbury MP in October 2016

Mary Macleod (Conservative) being asked about her stance on Brexit

Lib Dem candidate for Brentford & Isleworth Joe Bourke on Brexit

Home Secretary Amber Rudd comes to Chiswick

Rupa Huq MP says ‘Theresa May’s power grab has backfired

Nick Raikes interviews Ruth Cadbury for the General Election 2015

Ruth Cadbury talks about safer cycling in July 2015

Heathrow Third Runway and air pollution

Ruth Cadbury MP in May 2017

Ruth Cadbury and Mary Macleod with Rachel Schofield

London Mayor Sadiq Khan campaigning with Ruth Cadbury

Eddie Izzard says Theresa May should buy a pair of flip flops

Leader of the group of Conservative councillors Sam Hearn, July 2017