Chiswick Cheese Market in June

Images above: Last month’s Cheese market

Chiswick Cheese Market, Sunday 19 June

By Lucy Cufflin

‘Cheesewick’ in May brought over 150 different artisan cheeses to the market from near and far.  The selection was better than ever – much-loved, old regulars and new, exciting cheeses.

I broke my self-imposed rule of buying no more ‘stuff’ and made a purchase from the vintage kitchenalia stall, @roomsandroots, because, well, I just HAD to!  (Couldn’t resist a beautiful cheesy little plate – too many lovely things and so tempting!)

Shane Holland, Executive Chair of Slow food UK and a true turophile (that’s a cheese lover to you and me – new words are great aren’t they?), joined us on HQ to help with our ‘introduction to cheese tasting’ event.

Sponsored by our long standing and much-loved trader, Heritage Cheese, it was FREE for everyone.  Armed with our Cheesewick, ‘how to taste cheese’ notes, and some excellent chat from Shane about the cheeses themselves, everyone not only got to taste some exciting British cheese but came away with a little bit of tasting knowledge too.  What were those cheeses I hear you ask?

All British, but all very different, first up on our list was Morangie Brie.  A fabulous artisan brie made in the Scottish Highlands.  It’s encased in an edible, bloomy rind and has a rich creamy paste with elegant mushroom and grass undertones and a silky texture that melts in the mouth.

Then our tasters moved onto Corra Linn.  This sheep’s milk cheese by made by H J Errington has the texture of a ripe pecorino.  Unusually, it’s made with lamb’s rennet and definitely has undertones of roast lamb.  But it’s easy to pick up the straw and nutty flavours too and, at about 18 months old, is a wonderfully full-flavoured cheese.

Finally, our tasters ended with the well-known Quicke’s mature cheddar.  Handcrafted using milk from their own grass-fed cows, clothbound and naturally matured, ours was a good mature cheese – rich and buttery with a depth of flavour hitting the back of the mouth.  Shane explained to us the iconic horseradish aroma of the cloth edge that is so distinctive in Quicke’s cheeses.

To add a bit of extra fun we asked all our tasters to vote for their favourite.  I know, I know, it’s like asking you to choose between your own children as they’re all fabulous in their own way.  The results were really close and somewhat surprisingly our lovely Cheesewick turophiles chose the Corra Linn but it only just pipped the Brie to the post and Quicke’s was a very close third.

All these cheeses are again available from Heritage Cheese stall on the 19th. and I know there will be many of you who will have added at least one of these to your shopping list for this month!

So fellow turophiles (a word that cannot be overused I think), to June 19th, Market day AND Father’s Day!  What better than to bring Dad along and let him choose his own gift?  So much to choose from as usual but we are thrilled that The Somerset Cheese Company will be bringing their cheese to Cheesewick for the first time.

Based in Somerset and using local milk they specialise in adapting traditional-style recipes to produce characterful, naturally rinded cheeses from sheep, goat, buffalo and cow’s milk – can’t wait to try them all!

What’s on at the Cheesewick HQ this month?  We are very excited to welcome Steve Parker and his brilliant new book ‘British Cheese on Toast’.  Come and chat to Steve about his book, about cheese and about toast – signed copies available to buy (perfect for Dad?).  Add your name to the free draw for the chance to win a signed copy at the end of the day.

And here’s a little cheese snippet from The Times about the book – Steve Parker recently wrote a book called BRITISH CHEESE ON TOAST.  Any prime minister would be well advised to retain him as a special adviser on the subject.’

All this and more – crackers, chutneys, charcuterie and cheese boards.  Roll on the 19th – and we’ll see you there!

Full list of traders on our website

The Chiswick Cheese Market takes place on the third Sunday of every month in Old Market Place, outside George IV on Chiswick High Rd from 9.30am – 3.00pm.

Lucy Cufflin is a director / curator of the Chiswick Cheese Market

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