Chiswick Cheese Market January 2024

The Alpine Edition

“Yodel – hey, yodel – hey, yodel- hey he hoo”

Guest blog by Lucy Cufflin 

Dig deep and find the inner Julie Andrews in you, sing out loud and join is on the Sunday 21 January for our first market of 2024, which has an Alpine accent. I work in the ski industry myself but am firmly desk bound just now, so I’m dreaming of those snowy ski slopes as I write. I can’t think of a better way to harness that Alpine feeling than with some hot cheese après-ski style.

HQ has some exciting Alpine cheeses free to taste and compare – The French Comte is bringing their own special fondue mix of cheeses as well as their fabulous Reblochon and array of cheese for raclette, and if you are looking for a fantastic British cheese to enjoy in that adorable, comforting melted state then look no further than Ogleshield brought to us by James at No.2 Pound Street (I always include this in my cheese selection these days when we have a raclette at home).

Buttercup, our cow, will be giving it her Alpine best with a great photo-op Alpine back drop (c’mon you know you need a cheesy selfie)

Is all this talk of hot cheese making you hungry? The Roebuck will back with their ooey-gooey Raclette, and they are also bringing Tartiflette and mulled wine.

Talking melted cheese, Roberto from @thefrenchcomte has a favourite fondue recipe from the Jura using three ages of Comté cheese with bubbly Crémant de Jura rather than still wine. (Mmm got to try that?) but our recipe of the month is an intriguing version of fondue from our friends @boroughKitchen which adds a good pinch of nutmeg, cornflour and interestingly suggests Chablis for the wine hit…

I’m definitely up for this one. cheese-chocolate-beyond-four-fondues

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Cheese Fondue


1 clove garlic, peeled & halved
300ml sauvignon blanc (or Chablis)
1 tbsp corn flour
320g grated Emmenthal (or Jarlsberg)
500g grated Gruyère (or Comté)
Nutmeg, to taste.

To serve: day-old bread, cubed; cornichons & other pickles; charcuterie
Optional additions: Reblochon; Vacherin Fribourgeois; blue cheese


  • Rub the garlic clove halves around the interior on the fondue pot, then discard garlic. Add wine and corn flour to the fondue pot and whisk together, then place on the hob and bring to a simmer.
  • Add the grated Emmental & whisk until cheese has melted. Follow with the Gruyère, whisking until melted. If using optional cheese(s), add and whisk until melted. Taste and season with nutmeg. (If your fondue is not compatible with your hob, cook the wine, corn flour, cheeses and spices in a saucepan and add to the fondue pot once the mixture is to your taste.)
  • Light the flame in the fondue base. Transfer fondue pot from hob to base and serve, dipping bread into cheese fondue with skewers. Enjoy with cornichons, other pickles, and charcuterie on the side.

Syrian halloumi from Yorkshire

There will be, as ever, well over 180 different Artisan cheeses on offer at the market and we are thrilled that Yorkshire Dama are back with us in 2024  – remember them from the last market? You may have been greeted in December by their friendly trademark  – “hello you – hellou-me”?

I wanted to tell you their remarkable story – Razan Alsous came to UK from Syria in 2012 having lost everything in the conflict and settled into a new life in Yorkshire with her husband and family. Although a fully qualified pharmacist, she struggled to find work due to lack of experience working in the UK and was at a loss on how to secure a better future for her children in her new-found home.

She hit upon the idea of making her beloved ‘squeaky’ Syrian cheese using the fabulous local Yorkshire milk. With a strong background in microbiology and her husband an engineer who had supplied equipment to the pharmaceutical industries in Syria, they were well placed to understand the complexities of making cheese.

With a small grant they started their business. In 2014 were awarded a license to produce cheese and now they are sharing their wonderful Halloumi style cheese with us at Cheesewick! I know you will be as pleased as we are to see them back in our neck of the woods.

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What’s new this month?

Doing dry january? Come and give ‘wyneot’ a dry run at our January market and as Mel and Nick (creators of the drink) say, this is not wine, this is wyne’ot, a non-alcoholic alternative.

They tell us Wyneot is the perfect blend of the essential flavours of twelve different fruits, herbs and spices and has all the complexity and intensity of proper grown-up wine – we are very excited to try it and see how it fairs alongside the wonderful array of cheese on offer at the market – perhaps we will find a perfect pairing for dry January?

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Mother’s Bakehouse

Kate started baking sour dough in the summer of 2022 in order to feed a hungry family and reduce her reliance on supermarkets – very admirable I hear you say, but this soon grew into a fledgling business and Fulham based Kate supplies shops and individuals locally with her bread.

We are thrilled to announce that she will be at the market this January to offer us her home made freshly baked loaves.

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Hollismead Dairy

We are also welcoming Hollismead Dairy, an organic farm from Dorset. They are bringing their utterly unctuous Benville Triple cream organic soft cheese with notes of wildflowers and the native pastures that exclusively make up the cows’ diets.

This Brie style cheese when it is young has a slightly crumbly core but later as it ages, the rind firms with its core simply melts on the mouth. Described by the Guild of Fine food as ‘utter perfection’ we can’t wait to try it and I’m sure you can’t either!

They will also be bringing their kefir created in collaboration with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and his team at River Cottage – and if its good enough for Hugh I’m definitely going to give this a try!

The jam packed, exciting list of all the stall holders at the next market can be found as always at

It remains for me to sing out loud – “climb every mountain, ford every stream, ‘til you find your dream-cheese”… I, for one, am getting all apres-ski just thinking about it  – See you there!

Lucy Cufflin

Chiswick Cheese Market Team

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