10% discount on luxury furnishings from Boeboes

Image above: Boeboes cushions

Roman Blinds, Cushions, Dog Beds, Bed Dressings

‘At Boeboes, we’re home makers. A Boeboes home is the space you love to go to and the place where you dream to be’.
Founded by sisters Olivia and Francesca (new residents to Chiswick) Boeboes is a brand inspired by comfort and cosiness and takes great pride in being ‘Made in Great Britain’.  Boeboes products are handmade by a highly skilled team who care about the detail and design of every product.

Images above: Boeboes blind and cushions

Club Card offer

Boeboes are offering 10% off all their products. Please use this code when ordering on their website: CHISWICK10.


Instagram: boeboesuk

Facebook: facebook.com/boeboesuk

Images above: Sisters Francesca and Olivia; Boeboes cushions

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