Bone Ball Bark

Images above: Working with puppies and adult dogs

Become your dog’s best trainer for life

Jennifer is the founder of Bone Ball Bark, which provides comprehensive, force-free training for dogs of all ages across three areas:

  • Bone – Health & Nutrition
  • Ball – Play & Socialisation
  • Bark – Training & Problem Solving

She offers both in-person training sessions and virtual consultations, as well as a self-paced online puppy course called ‘The Signature Puppy Course’, where you raise and train your puppy alongside Jennifer and her own puppy, from the age of 8 weeks to 5 months old. She works with all ages of dogs, from puppies to seniors, helping owners with anything from basic cue training to leash walking, and challenges round anxiety, recall and reactivity. 

New for this year are puppy classes for Wolfe Vets at their Fulham branch on Sunday mornings.

Jennifer has a Masters Degree in Canine Sciences, is a CPDT-KA qualified professional dog trainer and has spent over five years as an Assistance Dog trainer specialising in mobility assistance dogs in both Seattle and Hawaii. 

Jennifer Billot is a contributor to The Chiswick Calendar. You can read her first dog training guest post here: Help! My dog won’t come back to me!

Club Card Offer

Jennifer is offering 10% off in-person and online three, five and ten session packages. Quote “Chiswick Calendar Club Card” when making a booking online or over the phone.


Tel: 07483 263956
Instagram: boneballbark

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