Your Personal On-Demand Interior Design Guru

Get 1:1 personalised advice from professional interior designers over video chat

HiiGuru is a platform with vetted professional interior designers who offer on-demand video consultations to help you with your interior design.

For example, you may have an interior design dilemma, or you might be looking to spruce up your place. You could spend hours browsing social media for inspiration or feel the pressure of potentially making an expensive mistake. At the same time, you don’t exactly need to commission a full interior design project.

Why not skip all the fuss? Book an instant session and speak to an interior design Guru 1:1 over video chat. They can look at your space, understand your style and give you personalised advice. If you don’t like their suggestions, you get your money back!

Three Simple Steps to Getting Your Dream Interior

Go to

Select your preferred session type & Guru and book your preferred time.

Connect over Whatsapp or Zoom (per your preference)

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