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Images above: Short sessions that fit into busy schedules and one-to-one personal training in a private studio at all times

Boosting fitness, supporting rehabilitation and promoting active ageing

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is an approach to personal training that intensifies your workout using light electric impulses to contract muscle fibres during exercise. The signal mimics natural signals sent by the brain to muscles but are more powerful. Combined with ‘free-will contractions’ during exercise, the external stimulus from the EMS device helps activate a large proportion of the body’s muscle fibres, including hard to reach stabilizing muscles.

According to Attila Leb, owner of EMS Fit Chiswick and personal trainer, “EMS is one of the most effective low impact tools to improve overall strength by engaging 96% of muscles in the body. The method is scientifically tested and initially reserved only for elite athletes, medical and rehabilitation clinics.

“One of the most significant benefits of EMS training for lower back pain is its ability to target specific muscles and subject them to high frequency contractions. These contractions don`t only strengthen but desensitize the target area. This approach can help to alleviate pain and prevent further injury.”

Images above: The Miha Bodytec unit and exercising with the EMS suit

EMS training is versatile and can be used to:

  • strengthen muscles and tone the body
  • rehabilitate muscles post-injury
  • reduce back pain
  • promote fat loss and reduce cellulite

Weekly sessions take only 20 minutes and always take place on a one-to-one basis under the guidance of a EMS qualified personal trainer in a private studio. There is no heavy weightlifting, complicated movements, sweaty gym folk, or loud thumping music to contend with.

Club Card Offer

EMS Fit Chiswick are pleased to offer Club Card holders 20% off their first 12 private personal training sessions. Mention “Chiswick Calendar Club Card” at the time of booking. Bookings can be made here.


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Email: info@emsfitchiswick.co.uk


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