Foster Books

Antiquarian bookseller

Foster Books have been trading in Chiswick since 1970. They operate from their lovely 18th century building at number 183, the oldest shop on Chiswick High Road. They sell old and rare books, including splendid editions of classics, modern first editions, as well as beautifully bound, illustrated and collectable editions.

They also sell old engravings, including local prints, as well as some rather natty cards. They’re happy to locate specific books you are looking for, as well as offering advice on gifts. They also ship worldwide.

Club Card offer

Foster Books are offering 10% off any purchases in the shop, on production of a Chiswick Calendar Club Card.


183 Chiswick High Rd
Chiswick, W4 2DR
Tel: 020 8995 2768

Image above: Stephen Foster, owner

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