Pip and Henry

Sustainably produced shoes for children

Pip & Henry create beautifully stylish, comfortable and responsibly produced shoes for children, which they sell online. There is a fitting guide on the website explaining how to measure you child’s feet.

Founder / owner Jeroo Doodhmal was inspired to create a brand which manufactured sustainably produced shoes for children when she had her own child and realised how much stuff parents aquire when they have a baby.  The average young child needs new shoes every four months, which means 80 million pairs of children’s shoes are bought each year in the UK alone, most of which  end up in landfills.

Pip & Henry shoes are manufactured in a sustainable way and made of materials which can be recycled. They offer all their customers £10 off the next order if they send back the pair their child has grown out of, and they recycle the materials.

Recently launched are their ‘pre-walkers’ which are available in sizes 12-18 months

Key Features of Sustainable Baby Booties:

Eco-Friendly Materials: Each pair of shoes is crafted from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, reducing the environmental footprint associated with traditional footwear production.

Durable Design: Our sustainable baby shoes are built to withstand the rigors of little explorers, making them a reliable choice for crawling and taking those precious first steps.

Vibrant Style Options: The collection features a range of stylish prints and colours, making it easy for parents to find the perfect pair to match their baby’s personality and outfit.

Adjustable Fit: With adjustable features such as Velcro closures and removable insoles, our shoes are not only adorable but also practical for parents on the go.

Podiatrist Approved: We have worked closely with podiatrists to make sure that our little booties support healthy bone development.

Pip & Henry are offering a siblings discount.  You can get £10 off your order if you have two or more pairs of shoes in your cart by using the code: sibling10

Club Card offer

Pip & Henry is offering Chiswick Calendar Club Card holders a 15% discount and a free book, the first in a series of Pip & Henry environmental adventures.

Use the promotional code pipandhenry15 when you buy on their website.


only one offer can be redeemed per purchase


Through the website

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