Randox Health

Image above: Randox Health opens its doors on Chiswick High Road

Taking a snapshot of your current health

Randox Health has opened recently on Chiswick High Rd. We are pleased to welcome them to the Club Card scheme with a discount on their Everyman|Everywoman and Signature full body health checks.

Randox Laboratories has been in the business of healthcare diagnostics industry for 40 years. The Randox Health clinics offer personalised, private health packages which aim to identify the earliest signs of illness in many cases before symptoms arise, so individuals can take action to prevent or delay disease onset and live healthier for longer.

Their Everyman|Everywoman health programme offers up to 150 diagnostics tests targeting a range of key health areas including heart, liver, kidney, diabetes, nutrition, thyroid and hormonal health amongst others.

Club Card Offer

Claim 15% off their Everyman|Everywoman & Signature full body health checks with the code Chiswick15 when purchasing online.


149 Chiswick High Road
London, W4 2DT

Tel: 0289 4343005

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