10% off drinks at The Raven W6

The pub on Goldhawk Rd is especially well-known for its Guinness, offering food and live music with a traditional local pub feel

Ruled by the pub cat Alfie “he’s the Boss”.   The Raven is opposite Stamford Brook Station, on the Hammersmith and Chiswick border.

The Raven’s famous Maternity Books are still held there. The pub was the nearest to Queen Charlotte’s maternity hospital and traditionally fathers would nip in to wet the baby’s head, sign the book and leave a message for their new-born child, who had just made their entrance into the world at  Queen Charlotte’s (since redeveloped as flats).

The books include well-known names such as Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, the Who’s drummer Zak Starkey, American Jazz singer Marion Montgomery’s daughter Abigail,  Dame Helen Mirren and more recently Daniel Radcliffe, Emily Franke, and Mischa Barton.

Images Above: The Raven’s cat Alfie (left)

Club Card offer

The Raven w6 is offering Club Card holders 10% off drinks at any time.


375 Goldhawk Road, London W6 OSA


Tel: 020 8748 6977

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