Weezy on-demand supermarket

A new way to shop online but buy locally

Weezy offers quality groceries delivered in minutes, ‘getting you what you want when you need it’. They match customers’ orders with local providers and deliver to you by bike or electric moped.

They say they have ‘everything you need; from fresh fruit and veg to local meat and dairy, your favourite sweets, snacks and a tipple (or two) of your choice. As well as working with wholesalers, Weezy also sources groceries from independent bakers, butchers and markets’.

They’re sustainably-minded in every sense, from delivery right through to packaging. Orders can be placed between 8.00 am and 12.00 pm.

The Weezy app is available to download on the App Store & Google Play

Club Card offer

For a limited time only, enjoy 50% off your first order with promo code: CC50

Terms and conditions: maximum discount is £25, expires 30 September 2021.



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