West London Chambers of Commerce

Helping businesses to do business

West London Chambers of Commerce (formerly Hounslow Chamber of Commerce) is the Voice of Business across the borough, of which Chiswick forms an important part. West London Chambers of Commerce is made up of a number of smaller chambers, including Chiswick Chamber of Commerce, which merged in 1975 into a borough-wide entity. In 2019 they celebrated their 110th birthday. In 1909 Hounslow Tradesmens’ Association reconstituted as Hounslow Chamber of Commerce.

Over a century later they are still supporting business and trade, with just under 500 members and 7000 subscribers in the borough of Hounslow and surrounding areas. They run networking events, sector summit and major flagship events including the West London Chambers of Commerce Business Awards and the Festival of Business.

Club Card offer

They are very happy to offer Club Card holders 20% off their annual subscription rates, starting from £64. Contact them over the phone or via email for assistance.


Spring Grove House
West Thames College Campus
London Road
Isleworth TW7 4HS

Tel: 07915 071796
Email: alanrides@westlondonchambers.org.uk


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