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Images above: Chiswick Computers, 349 King Street

“We build computers, fix them and support”

Chiswick Computers has an unassuming little shop front on King Street in Hammersmith, next to Tesco, but inside they do miracles. Or so it seemed to me when Steve Bonnici and his team rescued The Chiswick Calendar a couple of years ago when my old computer died.

They were able to access all my data and save it for me, without which The Chiswick Calendar would have been no more. It is perhaps a little glib to call them ‘lifesavers’ but when every aspect of your life is recorded in a plastic box that refuses to play ball, it is at the very least disconcerting.

I am not the only one to have found their services efficient, reliable, speedy and reasonably priced. Chiswick Computers has more than 500 Five Star reviews –  75 as a Which Trusted Trader, every review individually reviewed by the Which Trusted Trader team to ensure its authenticity, others on Yell, Google and Facebook. Other local businesses attest to their quality too. They have been voted one of the top three computer shops in London.

“It’s very important to all the staff and engineers here at Chiswick Computers that you get a very positive experience when you come to us” says Steve.

“We understand how important your computer is to you – not just the hardware but the data on it: the photos, the music and all those personal documents – and we will always strive to give you the best experience possible.”

Steve set up Chiswick Computers in 2003 and quickly established a good reputation amongst residents and businesses alike. His team troubleshoot, diagnose, build, maintain and repair any brand of laptop and desktop computers.

About 50% of their repairs are now on Apple computers including iMac’s, MacBook’s and Macbook Pros. Chiswick Computers also offers a computer repair service for printers and repair most makes of tablet or mobile phone including both Apple and Samsung. Other services include remote support, backup, virus removal, data recovery, help with Windows problems, MacOS support.

Image above: Services on offer on Chiswick Computers’ website

“We offer three main services: we build computers, we fix them and we support.

“Support comes in many different flavours. You can come in to see us or we can come to you. Of course we can talk to you on the telephone and give you help and advice, or by email, and when you’re travelling or maybe it’s just a very small job, we can just do it by remote support. Remote support helps us cut down costs for you.”

Chiswick Computers carry out a range of repairs including liquid spillages, hard drive replacement, screen replacement and keyboard replacement as well as software repairs like updates to Windows and non booting computers.

“We offer a no fix, no fee guarantee, which means that if we cannot fix your laptop or your desktop we won’t charge you a penny.

“We can also build you a new computer. We like to build high-end, quality desktops. They’re built for performance, for speed and for reliability and they’re usually aimed at the client who wants more from his or her computer.

“If you are a gamer then talk to us because we have built some very high end gaming machines as well as entry level ones” explains Steve.

Images above: Laptop repair; Business computer build; Gaming computer build

“They are able to provide tremendous, detailed support and help and advice”

Their clients range from for home users, through small business to corporates. They offer a wide range of support services from one off support to monthly remote monitoring and management.

Francesca Roberts, CEO of Crash, has worked with Chiswick Computers for over ten years.

“I think for small businesses or small charities it is really difficult to find good quality IT help and support and one of the great things about Chiswick Computers is that regardless of the size of the organisation, they are able to provide tremendous, detailed support and help and advice.

“We’ve found their prices are extremely fair, the advice is excellent and that they are able to give us a tailored service, a bespoke service that is absolutely right for our charity.”

Local estate agent Andrew Nunn said he would recommend Steve to other businesses because of the personal service he was able to offer and the speed of his response and also his problem solving abilities:

“I don’t think we have ever had a problem that Steve has said ‘Oh I can’t do it, we need to get somebody else in. To be honest the service has been fairly faultless so far”.

Hugh Caldin, a director of the International Refugee Trust, said:

“Chiswick Computers have helped me in every way with computers because I know nothing about them. They have helped maintain our computers while I’ve been developing my business and if I have any problems I can bring them straight in or I can just phone and Steve listens and will deal with the problems I have online.

“And also we buy our computers through Steve. Again it’s an excellent experience because he listens to what we need, he understands what we need, he interrogates us as to what we need and as a result what we buy in the end is exactly what we want.

Image above: Desktops – they can make it look like this, but it’s up to you to keep the desk space clear!

Chiswick Computers is open Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm and on Saturday from 12 noon until 4pm. Closed Sunday. On a weekday the shop can often be found open as early as 8am but always call in advance if you plan to visit before the official 9am start time. They offer appointments for people who can only get to them outside regular office hours and will open early or stay late to accommodate them.

Their labour carries a 75 day warranty. Replacement parts and new computers or peripherals come with different warranty lengths of which you will be notified about at the time of your repair or purchase.

With more people working from home it has become increasingly important for them to get their home office set up right. We are delighted that Chiswick Computers are part of The Chiswick Calendar Club Card scheme.

See their current offer to Club Card holders here.

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