Chiswick Flower Market traders – PlantBe-Studio

Images above: Karolina Kondratowitz; Plant Be plant holders

Karolina Kondratowitz and her friend Erica Luke met while working together at the Palace Gardener, the garden centre at Fulham Palace. Erica was the centre’s assistant manager, while Karolina looked after the gift department. Together they have a fair amount of knowledge about plants and what kind of ‘plant accessories’ are popular with customers.

‘Plant accessories’ makes it sound rather as it they’ll supply your ficus with a matching scarf and gloves, but what we’re actually talking about here is pots. Ceramic pots and metal plant holders.

Karolina has designed a range of plant holders, inspired by Art Deco style, which she has had made in Slask, at a small factory in rural Poland, whose work she came across on a visit home to see her mum.

“I drew something simple and asked them to make it up. I was very impressed with their craftsmanship and decided they are a reliable factory to make our metal plant holders”.

They have sourced the pots from similar small producers in Belgium and Denmark, set up the company, calling it ‘PlantBe-Studio’ as a play on words on Plan B. (Their first idea was to supply offices with plants and install them. That business plan died a death when we went into lock down). It’s also an exhortation, or maybe a note to self, to Be yourself and be creative.

They also sell Cyanotype kits for children to create designs from leaves and flowers using sunlight to develop the image.

Come and have a look at their wares at the Chiswick Flower Market – where you can also buy plants from other traders to go in them! Genius.