Chiswick Food & Drink awards

Wouldn’t you like the excuse to go out and eat more – to try out different restaurants you hadn’t even noticed were in Chiswick?

The Chiswick Calendar is launching the Chiswick Food & Drink awards, in partnership with Zoe Nixon, owner of The Kettle Shed tea blending company and Instagramer and Chiswick enthusiast aubrey.w4.

We’ve pinched the idea from Ealing, whose Restaurant Awards are sponsored by The Kettle Shed, amongst others. Restaurants sign up (for free) to take part and encourage their clientele to vote for them online.

In Chiswick the awards will be in three categories: restaurants, pubs and cafes. We’re under no illusions that our awards will rival Michelin stars for prestige. It’s more a bit of fun to encourage people to try out somewhere they haven’t been before and vote for their favourite place to eat.

Aubrey says: “Besides all the great things to do and see in Chiswick, we are also spoiled with all the wonderful restaurants, cafes and coffee shops that we have. The Food & Drink awards are a great way of shining a spotlight on these places and creating awareness of their existence”.

Zoe says: “Having been part of the success of the awards in Ealing, I’d like to bring some of that Community spirit to Chiswick restaurants”.

Tor Thai Restaurant

I personally am taking the research stage very seriously, having had great meals in Napoli On The Road, TOR Thai restaurant (both new to me) and Annapurna – celebrating 50 years in Chiswick this year – in the space of four days.

To aid your own research, The Chiswick Calendar has put together a Chiswick restaurant guide, so you can see all that Chiswick has to offer. (Though the awards will only be open to independent restaurants and cafes).

Later on in the year we’ll be asking you to vote, and the winners will be presented with their awards in November. Please follow us on Twitter: @chiswickawards and on Instagram:  chiswickawards.

Meanwhile, let the research phase begin! Have a browse through our Where to Eat directory here, and please leave your reviews and comments.

(Pubs and cafes to be added soon …)