Chiswick has two Labour MPs with big majorities

Image: Andy Slaughter and Rupa Huq

“I look forward to representing all my constituents” – Andy Slaughter

Andy Slaughter has won the new constituency of Hammersmith and Chiswick with a majority of over 15,000 votes. Rupa Huq has been reelected in Ealing Central and Acton with a majority of almost 14,000 and Ruth Cadbury, in whose Brentford and Isleworth constituency most of Chiswick used to be, has won her seat with a majority of almost 10,000.

In all three seats the Conservatives came second. Andy Slaughter told The Chiswick Calendar:

“I am very pleased with the result locally which saw a 6% swing to Labour despite very substantial boundary changes.

“I look forward to representing all my constituents and in particular to getting involved in Chiswick life. It is a fantastic place with great neighbourhoods and communities, a rich cultural life and some unrivalled landscapes.”

Image: Andy Slaughter at this year’s Bedford Park Festival

Big victory despite unfavourbale boundary changes and an increased number of candidates

The boundary changes mean he now represents the three Chiswick wards of Chiswick Homefields, Chiswick Riverside and Chiswick Gunnersbury, an area with a population of over 30,000 which has traditionally voted Conservative in local elections.

In the last General Election in 2019 Andy Slaughter received 30,074 votes, a majority of 17,847 on a turnout of 69.5%. This time he received 24,073 votes, a majority of 15,290 on the lower turnout of 61%. As well as the boundary changes affecting his majority, there were also more candidates standing this time round – eight as opposed to five in 2019.

In Hammersmith and Chiswick the Conservative candidate Andrew Dinsmore came second with 8,783 and the Green Party candidate Naranee Ruthra Rajan beat the Liberal Democrat candidate to third place, with 4,468 votes.

Image: Andy Slaughter giving his acceptance speech

“We have suffered too long from incompetence and corruption”

In his acceptance speech Andy Slaughter said:

“The end of 14 years of Conservative or coalition rule, I think you all know what I think of that period of time. Not because I have any deep personal animosity to the Conservative party, or indeed any of the rather peculiar people they’ve chosen to be their leaders over the past few years,

“but because of the detrimental effects that has on my constituents, and people across the country who will turn a page on that today, who will welcome in  a new government led by Sir Keir Starmer with a huge mandate for change in this country.

“At last it gives time for the country to breathe. We have suffered too long from incompetence, from corruption and from people looking after their own interests in that way, and it’s only right now that we move on to a new era.”

He has represented the Hammersmith area as an MP since 2005 and before that was Leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, so can expect Keir Starmer to give him a job in the new government.

Rupa Huq slightly increases her majority

Rupa Huq, who has represented Ealing Central and Acton since 2019, did not face the same challenge of having large traditional Conservative areas added to her constituency, but she was fighting against more candidates this time – eight as opposed to five in 2019, and still she slightly increased her majority.

In the 2019 election Dr Huq received 28,132 votes, a majority of 13,300 on a turnout of 72%. This time she received 22,340 votes, a majority of 13,995 on a turnout of 61%. The Chiswick ward of Southfield in in her constituency.

All three Ealing constituencies elected Labour MPs. In her acceptance speech Rupa Huq celebrated Labour’s landslide victory across the country:

“What a night, we voted for a fresh start, for a changed Labour party.

“After 14 crippling years of austerity, we will rebuild this country after the state it has been left in.

“I will represent all constituents whether they voted for me or not.”

Image: Brentford & Isleworth declaration; photograph LB Hounslow

Ruth Cadbury sees drop of 9,000 votes

Ruth Cadbury had expected the boundary changes to benefit her, having lost Conservative voting Chiswick and gained more traditional Labour areas to the west of her constituency, but she saw a drop of 9,259 votes.

In the 2019 general election Ruth polled 29,266 votes, compared with 20,007 this time. Last time round she had a majority of 10,514 on a turnout of 68%. This time she has won a majority of 9,824 on a turnout of 57.3%

She was one of seven candidates standing in Brentford & Isleworth, whereas she was one of five in 2019. Conservative candidate Laura Blumenthal polled 10,183 votes. The Green Party’s candidate Freya Summersgill came third with 4,029 votes.

All the results in Hammersmith & Chiswick, Ealing Central & Acton and Brentford & Isleworth

Hammersmith & Chiswick

Andy Slaughter – Labour Party, 24,073 / 52.3%

Andrew Dinsmore – Conservative Party, 8,783 / 19.1%

Naranee Ruthra-Rajan – Green Party, 4,468 / 9.7%

Eraj Rostaqi – Liberal Democrats, 4,292 / 9.3%

Louise Petano-Heathcote – Reform, 2,929 / 6.4%

Bill Colegrave – Rejoin EU, 821 / 1.8%

Raj Gill – Workers Party, 439 / 1.0%

Scott Dore – Workers Revolutionary party, 216 / 0.5%

Total 46,021

Ealing Central & Acton

Rupa Huq – Labour Party, 22,340 / 46.8%

James Windsor-Clive – Conservative Party, 8,345 / 17.5%

Alastair Mitton – Liberal Democrats, 6,056 / 12.7%

Kate Crossland – Green Party, 5,444 / 11.4%

Felix Orrell – Reform UK, 3,105 / 6.5%

Nada Jarche – Workers Party, 1,766 / 3.7%

Stephen Balogh – Social Democratic Party, 410 / 0.9%

Julie Carter – Independent, 303 / 0.6%

Brentford & Isleworth

Ruth Cadbury – Labour Party, 20,007 / 44.2%

Laura Blumenthal – Conservative, 10,183 / 22.5%

Freya Summersgill – Green Party, 4,029 / 8.9%

David Kerr – Reform UK, 3,940 / 8.7%

Kuldev Sehra – Liberal Democrats, 3,863 / 8.5%

Nisar Malik – Workers Party, 2,746 / 6.1%

Zebunisa Rao – Independent, 486 / 1.1%

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