Picture above by Arabella Harcourt-Cooze

The Chiswick Calendar’s Chiswick In Pictures exhibition, 2019

I am pleased to say this is becoming a tradition. This year’s Chiswick In Pictures exhibition at the Clayton Hotel Chiswick is the third show bringing together images inspired by the area, painted by artists who live locally. Chiswick has a wealth of excellent artists – award winning, sought after by galleries, selected by the Royal Academy for its summer exhibitions – who paint, or create, in a variety of styles. I’ve gone for representational art rather than abstract, the main criteria being that the subject is somewhere in Chiswick or the surrounding area. (I make one notable exception to that rule – Jill Meager’s beady eyed little birds, which have hopped into every exhibition so far. They are just so winsome – and besides, I know a Chiswick bird when I see one!)

Twenty artists are sharing their interpretations of our little bit of west London: images of Chiswick House and Gardens, the parks and green spaces and of course the river; delicate watercolours by Hugh Bredin, large oil paintings by Arabella Harcourt- Cooze and Humphrey Bangham, prints by Rachel Busch and Sally Grumbridge. I’d like to say I’d curated the exhibition, but I’m not sure saying ‘Ooh that’s lovely, can I show that one?’ really counts as ‘curating’!

Pictures below by Sally Grumbridge and Rachel Busch

The work will be on sale. Come and have a look and see if anything takes your fancy. The exhibition is hung in the large atrium of the hotel, so you can come in at any time, have a coffee at the bar and wander round at your leisure. Among the artists taking part: Anna Kunst, Arabella Harcourt-Cooze, Christine Berrington, Francis Bowyer, George Christie, Hugh Bredin, Humphrey Bangham, Jane Price, Jill Meager, Joanna Brendon, Jon Perry, Rachel Busch, Rennie Pilgrem, Sally Grumbridge and Sarah Granville.

Chiswick in Pictures is on at the Clayton Hotel Chiswick from Monday 2nd September – Saturday 9th November. 626 Chiswick High Rd, London W4 5RY. Nearest tube station – Gunnersbury.

Pictures below by Jane Price and Jill Meager

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