Chiswick in Pictures


An exhibition of pictures of Chiswick by local artists and photographers

The Chiswick Calendar organised an exhibition of art and photography featuring the work of 17 local artists and photographers who paint, draw or photograph Chiswick subjects. These artists show their work regularly in galleries up and down the country, who win all sorts of awards and their work is held in prestigious collections, but this was a chance to see their images of Chiswick, all together, here in Chiswick.

Participating artists

  • Christine Berrington
  • Natalia Bobrova
  • Francis Bowyer P.P.R.W.S., N.E.A.C.
  • Jason Bowyer P.P.N.E.A.C., RP, PS
  • Joanna Brendon MBE, MA
  • Rachel Busch
  • Liz Butler, MA, R.W.S
  • Barbara Chandler
  • Arabella Harcourt-Cooze
  • Anna Kunst
  • Jill Meager
  • Jon Perry
  • Rennie Pilgrem
  • Glynis Porter
  • Jane Price
  • Jenny Price
  • Patricia Wyndham


Chiswick in Pictures was sponsored by the Clayton Hotel Chiswick and Snappy Snaps, who are mounted and framed the photography. Both are members of The Chiswick Calendar Club Card. You can use the club card in hotel restaurant and bar or to book rooms with a 10% discount. Snappy Snaps also offers 10% off all services and products.