Chiswick in the snow

Image above: Chiswick House & Gardens; photograph by Rosie Leyden

Snow! How lovely to see everyone out in enjoying the snow on Sunday. A little bit of the cold wet powdery stuff and the world goes potty! Here are some of the lovely pictures people have sent The Chiswick Calendar.

Chiswick House & Gardens


Images above: Chiswick House & Gardens; photographs by Valentina Ancona, Joanna Raikes, Alice Gilkes & Marguerite Horner

Bedford Park

Images above: Bedford Park; photographs by Donna Schoenherr, Rashad Issa, Torin Douglas

Turnham Green

Images above: Christ Church; Town Hall; photographs by Tim Cole; Jane Lawrenson

Dukes Meadows

Images above: Dukes Meadows; photograph by Caoimhe Hale


Images above: River Thames at Chiswick; photographs by Anna Kunst, Nick Raikes; Matt Swain

Chiswick Streets

Images above: Chiswick Streets; photographs by Valentina Ancona, Caoimhe Hale, Jennifer Griffiths, Joanna Raikes

Chiswick Railway stations

Images above: Chiswick railway stations; photographs by Anna Kunst

Gunnersbury Park

Images above: Gunnersbury Park; photographs by Jennifer Griffiths

Thanks to everyone who sends up their photos to use on the website throughout the year.

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