Chiswick Oasis appears to be working


The Chiswick Oasis, the wall of greenery alongside St Mary’s RC Primary School and the A4, was opened with great fanfare by the Mayor of London in the summer, after parent Andrea Carnevali raised many thousands of pounds to have it installed, with help from Cllr Ron Mushiso amongst many others.

Parents also painted the inside of the school with special paint, also meant to absorb noxious particles from the air, and installed air purifiers after the school was listed as being one of the most highly polluted parts of London (and its sister school next door, The William Hogarth school).

Andrea tells me that initial tests appear to show that the paint and the purifier are doing their work. The school’s readings show a drastic decrease in the levels of No2, PM2.5 and PM10. The purifier has shown a drop in level by more than 90%.

“When it comes to the paint in the dining room, the drop in level of Nitrogen Dioxide is really astonishing” says Andrea, “considering we’re just talking about ‘paint’. The average is about a 76% improvement, but most of the times it’s even higher”.

Andrea is now keen to share what has rapidly become an expertise in the absorption of air pollution, with any school which would like to follow suit.

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