Chiswick Pier Trust online seminar – Rewilding Arcadia

Rewilding Arcadia is an online talk about the recovery of the lost flood plains from Hampton to Kew, known as the Arcadian Thames. Jason Debney, co-ordinator of the Arcadian section of the Thames Landscape Strategy, will speak about the series of nature-based flood risk management projects designed to restore the lost floodplain and to ‘re-reconnect water, people, heritage and wildlife with the natural cycles of the Thames.’

Rewilding Arcadia is part of an initiative launched by Sir David Attenborough for the restoration of the lost floodplain. This sets out a long-term series of measures that would see the incremental evolution of the landscape in response to climate change, and Rewilding Arcadia is the latest stage of this initiative.

‘As the climate changes, the Arcadian Thames faces a new challenge’ say organisers, ‘Models predict that over the next 50 years many of the public walks, parks and gardens that characterise the Arcadian Thames will need to adapt, in response to increasing flood risk, if they are to retain their special landscape character, recreational value, cultural significance and wildlife diversity. The Thames Landscape Strategy has been at the forefront in developing solutions to this challenge.

‘The Thames Landscape Strategy has been the catalyst for a renaissance in the fortunes of the Arcadian Thames. The 1994 cross-river vision has steered change, influencing policy and planning decisions, with many Thames Landscape Strategy aspirations now firmly embedded in partner core strategies including the London Plan.

‘The partnership has raised £21m for restoration, environmental management and educational projects and has been the mechanism for 395,000 hours of volunteer conservation work. A wealth of local knowledge has been amassed and it is now hard to imagine what the river would be like had it not been for the Thames Landscape Strategy.’

The event is on Tuesday 30 March 2021 at 19.30  

This webinar is free, but donations will be ‘gratefully received’ and all will go towards Chiswick Pier Trust in its work of bringing people to the River.

You can get your tickets here. Organisers suggest that you book your tickets in good time prior to the start of the talk. An email from Eventbrite containing the zoom link will be sent to you before the webinar.

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