Chiswick Playhouse to go dark

Chiswick Playhouse theatre is to close, following the Prime Minister’s announcement that the public should avoid pubs and theatres.

“I’m very sorry to say that the theatre will have to close. The advice to the public was clear – avoid the theatre. So we have to do the responsible thing and close. Extraordinary and difficult times” theatre owner Mark Perry told me.

The Lyric theatre in Hammersmith also closed its doors last night, rushing to contact the 300 theatre goers who’d booked tickets for Love, Love, Love that the production would not go ahead.

The whole of the West End has done the same, with the Ambassadors Group, Sonia Friedman theatres and Delfont Macintosh all taking the decision to close immediately.

“I don’t argue the decision at all” said Mark. “It’s just a tragic shame”.