Chiswick residents thanked by Police for information which helped them catch Khalife

Image above: Police talking part in the manhunt for Daniel Khalife at Chiswick House this morning; photograph Nick Raikes

Hunted through Chiswick and caught in Greenford

The Metropolitan Police has thanked the people of Chiswick for helping them catch terror suspect Daniel Khalife.

Chiswick Police posted on social media:

“To all the #Chiswick residents who called in with vital information regarding sightings of Daniel Khalife.

“This ultimately allowed police resources to focus within our community & arrest him #Thankyou”

The 21 year-old former soldier who escaped from Wandsworth prison on Wednesday 6 September strapped to the underside of a food delivery truck, was eventually caught at 10.41 on Saturday (9 September) in Greenford, after 75 hours on the run.

He was pulled off a bike by plain-clothes officers beside a canal, the Metropolitan Police confirmed. Commander Dominic Murphy said he was fully cooperative at the time of his arrest.

Image above: Canal in Greenford where Khalife was arrested

Spotted at various locations in Chiswick

One of the Chiswick residents who contacted the police after seeing him in Chiswick was Frank, who told The Chiswick Calendar on Saturday morning:

“I think I saw the convict yesterday. Twice. Once on my run at 7am. He was asleep on bench at Kew Bridge and again in that shed on Corney Rd. Def same bloke and I remember thinking I bet that’s him. Police on Pumping station road all night and still there now.”

Another person said they thought they had seen him in Spencer Rd in Grove Park.

Commander Dominic Murphy said Khalife was arrested for being unlawfully at large and being an escaped prisoner. He is in custody at a west London police station and “will still stand trial for original offences”. He is alleged to have planted hoax bombs at army bases and to have been working as a spy for Iran.

The search for Khalife was described as “extremely complicated” by Commander Murphy, who thanked the public for their help. The police will now be looking for anyone that supported Khalife in his escape and will make sure any individuals “face justice” he said.

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