Chiswick Rugby Club pitch trashed

Chiswick Rugby Club has had its new artificial pitch trashed by people using the grounds for partying during the lockdown. 

The club house and the grounds have been closed to Rugby Club members and the public, but officials have returned to open up the club to find people have broken through the fences and damaged the artificial pitch by riding bikes and dragging tyres around on it.

The pitch was only installed in October 2018 as part of a £1m investment by the RFU for the next 30 years.

There have evidently been parties on the pitch, as volunteers have picked up sackfuls of bottles, but says Club Chairman Kelvin Campbell, they drew the line at picking up the used condoms.

“The dog walker are the worst” he told me. “They’ve let their dogs foul the pitch and then hung the poo sacks in the branches of the trees”.

The club is now asking Hounslow Council to help them clear up the mess.

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