Chiswick School in UK top 10% for developing their students’ potential

Image above: Chiswick School

Chiswick School in top 2.6% for science subjects

School performance tables recently published have placed Chiswick School in the top 10% nationally for developing their students’ potential.

Schools were assessed on the basis of the ‘Progress 8’ score, which measures the improvement in child’s performance from leaving primary school to taking their GCSEs, essentially showing the ‘value-added’ to a child’s development provided by the school.

Chiswick School achieved GCSE results significantly above the national average, with a particular strength in science subjects, according to data from the Department for Education. For science subjects, Chiswick School was in the top 2.6% of the country with many students staying on at the sixth form to study Physics and Mathematics.

More than 500 visitors went to Chiswick School’s open evening earlier this month, with many current students interested in staying on at the school’s sixth form.

Images above: Students at Chiswick School

Mr Williams, the Director of Sixth Form said:

“I was delighted to meet so many students from all over London who had travelled to hear about Chiswick School. We are becoming known not only for academic excellence but also for the many opportunities we offer students, excellent facilities and the friendly nature of students and staff”.

The school’s drama department was recently informed it had been shortlisted for the third year in a row for ‘Outstanding Drama Department of the Year’ in the Music and Drama Awards. Mr Robinson, who leads this area, has to wait until February to see if the school wins.

Mr Moxon, the Head of Music, will be attending the prestigious Pearson Teacher Awards later this month. His silver award was presented to him by Gillian Keegan, the Secretary of State for Education, which then qualifies him to move to the next round with the possibility of a gold award- the highest award available.

Karen Emmet, a member of the senior faculty at Chiswick School, said:

“We are so proud of Tommy and Zach and all the teachers at the school, they go above and beyond to ensure that the students at Chiswick School have access to the most amazing activities as well as teaching them brilliantly.”