Chiswick School planning additional Year 7 class

Due to demand, Chiswick School is offering an additional form of entry into Year 7 this September 2020. The increase in demand is no doubt a reaction to the recent Ofsted report recognising the school officially as ‘Good’ since the new head teacher Laura Ellener took over last April. It may also be a reflection of the times. Middle class parents are finding it tougher to come up with private school fees.

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Chiswick School believes that a smooth transition to secondary school is vital for students’ happiness, well-being and continued academic success. Due to demand, the school is now planning on offering an additional form of entry into Year 7 this September 2020 and are welcoming late applications both in and out of borough.

In January 2020, Chiswick School was recognised by Ofsted as ‘Good’ with the care and support provided to students as ‘Outstanding’. The school is developing into a place that expects excellence from students and staff supporting and teaching them. Leaders have been relentless in working to transform the school so that it provides the young people it serves with the best possible education. Those who visit remark on the calm and purposeful lessons and the dedication of staff.

The school’s vision is clear; to do whatever it takes to ensure every student achieves their full potential. Students are expected to exemplify the school’s values at all times; in both their school and home lives. It is an inclusive, community school with a focus on academic rigour and success with a curriculum designed to allow students to compete at the highest level. This is married with care and kindness and a real sense of community.

Students who join in Year 7 enjoy a large private play area at the front of the school and this supports them to develop relationships with others in the year group. There are also students in Year 8 who are carefully selected to act as buddies to the new Year 7 students. A residential visit during the first term builds teamwork and resilience. The Head of Year ensures that behaviour is impeccable and that all students contribute to their school community through charity and kindness.

The school is fortunate to be located in a beautiful part of West London and takes full advantage of the sports facilities, grounds at nearby Chiswick House and the River Thames. They benefit from a state-of-the-art IT and technology block, large playing fields and vast outside space. The school is also embarking on a series of projects to improve the interior of the school and a Sports Hall renovation is planned over the next two years.

The real reason to invest in Chiswick School for your child’s education is the rich variety of opportunities that are on offer in the lower and upper school.

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