Chiswick sisters could be future Taekwondo Olympic contenders

Image above: Perdy and Darcey Stenzel (L-R), Darcy Stenzel with the medal she won in Sweden

Two sisters both win big in national and international Taekwondo competitions

Two sisters from Chiswick, Darcey Stenzel, 16, and her 10-year-old sibling Perdy, are making waves in the sport of Taekwondo, putting them on the path potentially to winning an Olympic medal.

Both are proud members of the Chiswick-based Ilyeo Taekwondo club, based at the Hogarth Youth Centre on Duke Road.

Darcey, in particular, has already notched up a series of triumphs. She was selected for the British Taekwondo GB Cadet squad in 2020 and recently she clinched Gold at the Sweden Open and secured Bronze at the Spanish Open 2023, elevating her status on the international stage.

Her younger sister Perdy is now following in her footsteps. Despite her age, Perdy’s outstanding performance in national competitions has earned her a spot in the Cadet squad, bypassing the usual qualification age. She’s been excelling in training at the National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester, showcasing potential similar to that of her elder sister.

The Ilyeo Taekwondo Club  prides itself on fostering a ‘welcoming and forward-thinking environment’ for martial arts enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Its inclusive approach extends to both adults and children, providing a platform for aspiring athletes like Darcey and Perdy to hone their skills and pursue their dreams in Taekwondo.